Our Core Message

The Division seeks to transform lives in a diverse community by providing access to engaging, high-quality education through innovative means.

Specific Messages


Founded in 1848, the University of Mississippi is the flagship university for the state of Mississippi. A world-class public research university, Ole Miss has a long history of producing leaders in public service, academics, and innovative research. The Division of Outreach supports the University’s mission to provide an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking; encourages intellectual depth and creativity; challenges and inspires a diverse community of students; provides enriching opportunities outside the classroom; supports lifelong learning; and develops a sense of global responsibility.


The Division of Outreach seeks to serve the University and the community by facilitating and providing high-quality, meaningful, flexible learning experiences through innovative educational strategies to engage minds, to transform lives, and to serve others.


The Division seeks to inspire change and growth by building relationships and working collaboratively with University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners from the region, state, nation, and beyond.


The Division works tirelessly to increase access to the high-caliber classes that high school, college, and ageless students want and need and to provide the experiences that support and enrich academic instruction through its innovative strategies and programs.

University Style

Referring to the University, the Division, and the Regional Campuses

When referring to the university and its location for the first time, use the full name of the university. Note that the comma is required. In running text, set Oxford off with a pair of commas (or other punctuation as the context dictates). The word “the” should never be capitalized unless it begins a sentence. Referencing the regional campuses should be handled in the same way.

Please note that the regional campuses are not to be referred to as “branch campuses,” “satellite campuses,” or “off-campus sites.”

The same applies to the division: When referring to the division for the first time, use the full name of the division.


  • The University of Mississippi, Oxford, is the state’s flagship institution.
  • Welcome to the Office of College Programs at the University of Mississippi, Oxford.
  • He is an alumnus of the Summer College for High School Students at the University of Mississippi, Oxford.
  • Learn more about the University of Mississippi-DeSoto, Southaven, at Fall Visit Day on Thursday, November 12.
  • The Division of Outreach offers faculty the opportunity to move beyond the four walls of their classrooms.

On second and subsequent references to the university, use UM, the university, or Ole Miss, rotating as needed to avoid use of consecutive terms in the text. Regional campuses may be abbreviated as UM-DeSoto, UM-Tupelo, UM-Booneville, and UM-Grenada. Sparingly, we also use UMD, UMT, UMB, and UMG.

On second and subsequent references to the Division, use “the division.”


  • UM-Tupelo offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees.
  • If you have questions about the event, contact the UM Financial Aid Office.
  • He is taking classes on the UM-DeSoto, Southaven, and UM, Oxford, campuses.
  • ENG 315 is a UMB class.
  • The division houses approximately 60 programs.


  • The University of Mississippi, Oxford, is not required to refer to the university on first reference in major, well-branded university publications, such as magazines and annual reports. Simply using UM or Ole Miss is acceptable.
  • Using only “the division” on second and subsequent references can often become cumbersome or repetitive for the reader. Using the “Division of Outreach” is acceptable to avoid repetition.
  • If required for clarity in contexts that include the UM System or other campuses, UM Oxford is acceptable.

Unacceptable stylings:

  • University of Mississippi—Oxford
  • U.M.

Referring to specific Division of Outreach Offices/Programs

  • Academic Traveler - AT
  • Bachelor of General Studies – BGS
  • Jackson Avenue Center – JAC
  • Lott Leadership Institute – LLI
  • New York Internship Program – NYIE
  • Office of Design and eLearning – ODeL
  • Ole Miss Online – OMO
  • Summer Academy – SA
  • Summer College for High School – SCHS
  • University of Mississippi Academic Invitational Tournament – UMAIT
  • University of Mississippi High School – UMHS
  • Washington Internship Program – WIE

Style and Usage

Consult the following guides based on the type of communication.

UM Style Guide. For all university publications and websites, the most recent edition of the University-approved style guide should be used.

Associated Press. For all news releases, media advisories, and other communications sent directly to news media professionals, the most recent edition of the Associated Press Stylebook should be used.