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What is JumpStart?


JumpStart is an opportunity for incoming UM freshmen to come to the Ole Miss campus early, begin earning college credit and familiarizing themselves with the services offered to University students.

This year students will have TWO SESSION OPTIONS: May 26-June 24 and June 28-July 28.

JumpStart students get a "jumpstart" in their University studies, meet faculty, and most importantly, make new friends and connect to Ole Miss before the rest of the freshman class arrives on campus for the Fall 2015 semester. The program includes activities and experiences that encourage students to interact with one another while learning to manage the independence of college life.

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For Parents

  • JumpStart students receive a half-tuition scholarship per session. That’s over $800 in savings!
  • Students get the support they need to transition into college life before it really starts.
  • JumpStart students are surrounded by other JumpStart students and mentored to by specially trained JumpStart mentors.
  • Students learn how to study for college-level courses and manage their time.

For Students,

  • Experience college life before it starts in the fall.
  • Meet new people and make new friends.
  • Get a “jumpstart” on freshman year and lighten the fall course load
  • Take classes while having fun!


There are two available sessions for JumpStart.

  • First Session: May 26 – June 24
  • Second Session: June 28 – July 28


The JumpStart program has developed special partnerships with numerous academic programs to help foster our students' academic success. JumpStart students that participate in other programs offered by our partners have unique requirements for these programs, thus changing the student's experience in JumpStart.

Students in FASTrack do Not enroll in the required EDHE 105 during the summer with JumpStart. Additionally, students in this program may not enroll in WRIT 101 during the summer term. These two classes are required of FASTrack students during the FALL/SPRING semester of their freshman year at Ole Miss. For more information on FASTrack, visit their page at

Grove Scholars
Students that are classified as Grove Scholars are also participants of FASTrack; not all FASTrack students are Grove Scholars, however. Grove Scholars do NOT enroll in EDHE 105 or WRIT 101 either. Additionally, these JumpStart students will have unique programming gear toward the Grove Scholar program.

Intensive Modern Language Programs
Students in any Intensive Modern Language program are required to take 5 hours of an Intensive Modern Language course. JumpStart students that participate in these programs do NOT take the required EDHE 105 course as their schedule is full.


During the term of the program, students will:

  • Earn 6 credit hours that fulfill the University’s general education requirements and lighten their course load for the fall semester.
  • Automatically receive up to a 3 credit hour tuition scholarship.
  • Be a member of a living-learning community with academic and social support by faculty, staff, and peers.
  • Become a University student with the tools and support needed to succeed when the fall semester begins.
  • Learn how to study and manage time by attending the study hall or tutoring sessions.
  • Participate in fun and informative programs outside of class.
  • Network and develop lasting, life-long friendships and relationships
  • Participate in small, informal classes designed specifically for JumpStart.
  • Live in a residence hall with other UM JumpStart and current UM students.
  • Challenge themselves and build leadership and team-building skills.


Any student is eligible to participate in JumpStart, if they…

  • Have been admitted to the University as a freshman for the Fall 2015 semester,
  • Have participated in a freshman orientation session prior to JumpStart, and
  • Want to get a “jumpstart” on their Fall and Spring semesters, or
  • Need to take a basic-level course or prerequisite before beginning a multiple course sequence (i.e. developmental studies (DS) course, College Algebra, etc.)