Five Reasons to Attend

1.  Courses available online.

Many of our summer and intersession courses are offered online, so you attend from anywhere.

2.  Pick up missing credits.

Work ahead for credits or make up for credits missed during regular semeseters. Win-win!

3.  Explore Oxford, Mississippi.

Experience Oxford, MS at a leisurely pace. There is no shortage of things to see and do year-round.

4.  Focus on that tough class.

Classes are highly focused, which can help you to stay on track for your degree.

About Summer School and Intersessions

Session Dates

Wintersession January 2-12th; Meet Saturday, January 6th; Exams Saturday, January 13th
May Intersession May 14-25; Exams Saturday, May 26th
Full Summer Term May 29 – July 25th; Classes Suspended June 25-29; Exams July 26-27
First Summer Term May 29-June 22nd; Exams June 25-26th
Second Summer Term June 28-July 25; Exams July 26-27th
August Intersession July 30-August 10; Exams Saturday, August 11th

See the UM Academic Calendar


Summer and Intersession courses are available in traditionala and web-based formats. Courses can be viewed on the Course Schedule or MyOleMiss sites.

Course Schedules
These course schedule pages do not list all courses that are offered. Thesis, dissertation, special topics, special projects, independent study, internships, and other courses are not included. These course schedule pages are designed to assist students in identifying on-campus classroom courses and online courses that they may wish to consider taking in the summer. For a complete listing of all courses offered in the summer, please consult the University’s official Course Schedule web site.



As in Fall and Spring semesters, tuition for Summer School and Intersessions is charged on the number of credit hours a student takes. For Winter and Summer tuition costs, please click here.

Mississippi Residents Undergraduate, 3 credit hour course
Graduate, 3 credit hour course
Non–Residents Undergraduate, 3 credit hour course
Graduate, 3 credit hour course

For information pertaining to specific degree programs and online degree programs and fees, visit the Bursar’s site or the Tuition Estimator.


If you are currently not an Ole Miss student and would like to register for Summer or intersession courses, you must first apply through the Office of Admissions.


Current Ole Miss Students can register for Summer or Intersession courses through their MyOleMiss page. Registration can begin during priority registration and is conducted in the same manner as Fall and Spring course registration through the My Favorites process.


Credit Hour Restrictions

The University of Mississippi has a maximum credit hour policy for each summer and intersession term. Students may take fewer hours than the maximum, but cannot go over the set credit hour limit.

Winter Intersession 4 credit hours
May Intersession 4 credit hours
Full Summer Term 14 credit hours
First Summer Term 7 credit hours
Second Summer Term 7 credit hours
August Intersession 4 credit hours

Course Cancellation Policy

Summer School and Intersessions do not receive external funding; therefore, all operating expenses are paid from generated tuition. While all effort is made to avoid course cancellations, when a course’s enrollment is too low to cover the course’s operating cost, it will be cancelled.


The Department of Student Housing offers rooms throughout the summer and during intersessions for students who are enrolled in courses. You must apply for each summer or intersession term you wish to live in housing. For more information, please visit Student Housing.


Meal plans are available for First, Second and Full Summer Terms. Students have the option to add flex to their accounts for Intersessions. For more information, please visit Ole Miss Dining.


Current students’ parking permits are valid through Intersession and Summer terms.

New students will need to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit through the Department of Parking and Transportation.

Inclement Weather and School Closings

State law requires that three credit hour courses meet for a certain amount of time. If one day of class is missed due to bad weather, extra time may be added to the remaining days of the session calendar. However, if more than one day is missed, it may be necessary for classes to meet additional days not noted on the published calendar. All decisions about closing the university due to bad weather and about making up time lost will be made by the Provost. Students are encouraged to make their plans with the awareness that make-up days may be required, which may include weekends.

For severe weather notification, sign up for REBALERT through your MyOleMiss account.

For severe weather and campus emergency information visit


The University of Mississippi Office of Academic Outreach
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677-0009
Facsimile: 662-915-5138

April D. Thompson, Director of Academic Outreach
Phone: (662) 915-1616

Amy M. Saxton
Operations Supervisor for Academic Outreach
Phone: (662) 915-7036

Office Email:
Phone: (662) 915-7036