General Information


The iStudy application can be completed online.

Enrollment times

  • Semester courses (UM students only)
    When the semester registration window is open iStudy courses are available as Semester courses. These are only available during the registration window of each major semester (fall, spring, and full-summer).
  • Flex courses:
    Students may enroll in a Flex course anytime of the year, and aren’t tied to the semester calendar. Once enrolled, students may begin immediately. Flex iStudy courses can be completed in any amount of time between two months to one year. Personal deadlines, such as graduation, supersede course expiration. 


  • If you are enrolled as a student at UM, your academic dean’s approval is required. The iStudy department sends your application to your academic dean's office electronically.
  • Non-University of Mississippi students should check with their institution to determine if the iStudy course will meet the student’s requirements and whether there are limits on the number of credits you may take through iStudy.

Semester courses:

  • Tuition for a semester-based course(s) is included in full-time tuition.
  • Extensions are not available for semester iStudy courses.
  • For more information about semester tuition rates please visit the UM Bursar's Office page.

Flex Courses:

  • Beginning 8/1/2022 through 7/31/2023 the tuition fee for a three-hour, semester credit course is $1,134.00.
  • There is no non-resident fee for Flex iStudy courses.


  • Bursar – For UM students only, bursar accounts can be charged by iStudy
  • Credit Card –Visa or Master Card payments are made online through TouchNet.
  • Check or money order – Please make these out to the “University of Mississippi”.
  • Financial Aid- The iStudy office does not provide any form of tuition assistance.  However, tuition assistance may be available through other departments. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the appropriate department to determine eligibility. More information can be found on the Office of Financial Aid website.
  • Specific populations-
    • UM and UMMC Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver 
      The Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit applies to iStudy courses. 
    • Child of UM and UMMC Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver
      Children of UM and UMMC Faculty and Staff may be eligible for a 50% tuition waiver.
    • Agency Banked Hours
      (Follow procedures per your school district/institution)
    • AmeriCorps 
      Contact AmeriCorps directly about using their benefits at UM.
    • Military reimbursement 
      Send your DD form to the Financial Aid Office.
    • VA scholarship 
      Contact the coordinator for Veteran and Military Services in the Center for Student Success and First Year.

iStudy is not authorized to award any forms of student aid or scholarships. Students should check with the Financial Aid Department of their college or university to determine their eligibility to enroll in iStudy courses using financial aid.

More information can be found on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Requirements for Semester students: (Note: this does not apply to Flex students. If you are unsure of your status, the information will appear in your Blackboard course gradebook.)

  1. Complete the syllabus quiz as soon as you have access to your Blackboard course. This is mandatory to verify your attendance.
  2. Reach the midpoint of your course, as indicated on the lesson page. The exact date is posted in the Announcements section of the course in Blackboard. Any lesson assignment or exam needed to reach the midpoint, but not completed by the midpoint deadline, will receive the grade of zero.
  3. The last day to submit lessons is the last day of class, per the UM Registrar’s academic calendar.
  4. The final exam must be taken by the last day of finals week, per the UM Registrar’s academic calendar.

Generally, students may take up to two courses at one time. However, the School of Business allows one course at a time.

University of Mississippi students are required to have Academic Dean approval before enrolling in an iStudy course.

Non-University of Mississippi students should check with their institution to determine whether there are limits on the number of credits you may take through iStudy.

Semester courses:
A University of Mississippi student taking a Semester course(s) can only withdraw when the semester withdrawal period is open, per the academic calendar. 

Flex Courses:
A University of Mississippi student taking a Flex course(s) can only withdraw before reaching the course midpoint and before the course expiration date. See the section on Withdrawals for more information.

Non-UM student:
A non-University of Mississippi student may withdraw from a course at any time prior to taking the final exam with no academic penalty for withdrawal, and no grade will be recorded.

To apply for a withdrawal, please fill out the iStudy Withdrawal Request located within your application. You will need to log back into your iStudy application to find the iStudy Withdrawal Request.

Semester courses:
For students taking a Semester course(s), the cost of the course is part of regular full-time tuition. No refund is due because there is no additional cost. 

Flex Courses:
For students taking a Flex course(s), a refund of 100% is given when students withdraw within thirty days of enrollment. For more information about refunds, click HERE.

Semester courses:
Semester iStudy courses must be completed within the semester and no extensions are available. Instructors may be approached for a temporary grade of incomplete. Incompletes are not automatic and are at the instructor’s discretion as they are in traditional courses. All normal semester protocols apply. 

Flex Courses:
The course completion deadline is one year from the enrollment date. One three-month extension is available, and costs $150. If you need the course completed by a particular deadline, including graduation, we suggest taking the final exam two weeks prior to your deadline. The minimum time needed for the completion of a Flex course is two months from the date on which the first lesson is submitted. This may be waived by the instructor on an individual basis.

To apply for an extension, please fill out the extension request questionnaire located within your application. You will need to log back into your iStudy application to find the extension questionnaire.

UM library services are available to non-UM, as well as UM, iStudy students. Please feel free to utilize this valuable resource.

Should you have the need for a tutor, the iStudy department will work with you to find appropriate resources.

Transcripts are issued only by The University of Mississippi's Registrar's Office, not by iStudy. There is a $7 fee for each transcript requested.

Requests for official transcripts can be made through your myOleMiss portal, in person, by mail, by fax, or by a 3rd party.

More information is available at the University Registrar's Transcript Request page here.

Your instructor is available to answer content questions, and the iStudy staff (662-915-7313 or can help you with any other questions.