Proctored Exam Requirements and Scheduling Directions

Mid-Course Exams

  • Submit all required lessons before taking the exam per the syllabus
  • All assignments must be completed and submitted before testing

Final Exams

  • Submit the required lessons before taking the exam per the syllabus
  • Any required lesson(s) not completed and submitted before taking the final exam will receive a grade of zero
  • All assignments and exams must be completed on or before the course completion date

Testing Options

These testing options apply to both SEMESTER (completion within the term enrolled- fall, spring, or summer semesters) and FLEX (up to one year to complete) enrolled students.

  1. In-Person at DETL
    • Schedule your appointment in advance!
    • This service is free.
      Special notice for midterm and finals: Due to the large volume of students taking exams during midterm and finals week, the Testing Center has enacted strict scheduling deadlines that students are required to follow during those periods to avoid possible additional charges. DETL’s scheduling deadlines and late fees can be found on their webpage.
      [This does not apply to any other times outside of midterm week and finals week. Feel free to schedule your exams anytime without any penalties outside of those periods.]
    • Use RegisterBlast to request an appointment. A minimum of 48 hours advanced notice is required to make an appointment
    • Available days and times for in-person proctoring at DETL can be seen in the RegisterBlast schedule
    • Choose iStudy Semester or iStudy Flex (only for Flex students)
    • Upon verification that you are enrolled in an iStudy course, you will receive an email confirming the appointment
  1. Respondus Monitor
    • All remote proctoring options require a reliable internet connection and a computer or tablet with a webcam. If you are unable to take your proctored assessments with your own equipment or just desire a quiet testing environment, you may book lab time at the Jackson Avenue Center in Oxford to use a webcam/mic-equipped laptop and high-speed internet service.
  1. Proctoring is available at the regional campuses in DeSoto, Tupelo, Booneville, and Grenada.
    • Schedule your appointment in advance!
    • This service is free but hours at each lab vary by location
    • You can schedule your test at a regional campus online.
  1. Exceptions only
    • Students located outside of Oxford or not near a UM Regional Campus may have the option to take an examination at an approved testing location or proctoring service with approval from iStudy staff. Please email iStudy for more information.


  • Without exception, a final examination is required to receive academic credit.
  • We reserve the right to require any student to come to the Oxford campus to write an examination if there is any doubt about the originality of the student’s work.