Tuition for iStudy Semester Courses

Tuition for an iStudy semester course is included in full-time tuition. Semester iStudy courses are only available during the registration/add window of each major semester (fall, spring, and full summer).

For more information about semester tuition rates please visit the UM Bursar's Office page.

Tuition for iStudy Flex Courses

The tuition fee for a three-hour semester credit course is currently $1,134.00 (2022-2023).

There is no non-resident fee for Flex iStudy courses.

Click here to read about Payment Options.

Extensions for iStudy Flex Courses (only)

Extensions are not available for iStudy semester courses.

Extensions are available for Flex iStudy courses. Students may purchase one 3-month extension ($150) to obtain additional completion time.

To apply for an extension, please fill out the extension request questionnaire located within your application. You will need to log back into your iStudy application to find the extension questionnaire.