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Semester-Based courses:
Tuition for a semester-based course is included in full-time tuition for 15 hours and below. After 15 credits the cost of an iStudy course is separate from standard tuition. Semester-based iStudy courses are only available during the registration/add window of each major semester (fall, spring, and full-summer).

Extensions are not available for semester-based iStudy courses.

Transfers may occur only when the semester register/add period is open. There is no charge to transfer during this time.

Full-Year Courses:
The tuition fee for a course is currently $955.50 for a three-semester hour course (2016-2017). There is no non-resident fee for full-year iStudy courses.

Full-year iStudy students enrolling after 01/01/2017 may purchase one 3-month extension to allow additional time to complete their coursework.

Extensions cost $150.

Click HERE for more information about extensions.

Full-year iStudy students may transfer to another full-year iStudy course if:

A transfer costs $75.

Click HERE for more information about transfers.

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