iStudy Instructors

Become an iStudy Instructor

iStudy courses at The University of Mississippi are developed and taught by current or retired University of Mississippi instructors. The Office of College Programs is always interested in developing new courses to offer to students.

As an instructor of an iStudy course, your responsibilities would include:

  • Developing an interactive, engaging course on Blackboard;
  • Grading lessons and tests within 7 days of being submitted;
  • Providing extensive feedback to students through grading and supportive emails when needed;
  • Communicating with the Program Manager regarding any problems or issues that arise. 

The iStudy Office offers these support services for our instructors:

  • An instructional designer to provide assistance and support;
  • Multi-media support, including a facility in Oxford, to record you on video;
  • Test proctoring;
  • Student support services, including online library resources and a toll-free support number;
  • All administrative aspects for the course. 

Instructors of iStudy courses are paid monthly based on student testing, on a per-student set amount. Additionally, instructors receive a stipend for developing a new course or revising a current course. 

Specific Steps for Becoming an iStudy Instructor 

If you are interested in developing an iStudy course, please follow these steps: 

  1. Contact the Program Manager at (662) 915-1124 if you have specific questions about iStudy or need more information.
  2. Email a Curriculum Vitae and the course you want to develop to the iStudy office.

Course Development Process

New courses are constantly being developed and old courses are constantly being revised. The basic steps in the course development process are as follows:

  • The instructor requests and receives course approval from his/her department chair and the Program Manager (PM).
  • The instructor, PM, and Instructional Designer (ID) meet to go over the basics of iStudy and the details of the course development process.
  • The instructor submits the course introductory material and the first lesson to the ID. 
  • The instructor, and ID meet to discuss the items submitted. They then collaborate until the course is ready to go live.