Information for Current iStudy Students


It is each student's responsibility to order his or her iStudy textbooks. Online retailers such as Amazon or any other reputable online bookseller usually have our textbooks available. Students should be sure to order the correct ISBN number. When ordering an access code or e-Book, always make the purchase by following the link in Blackboard.

Lesson Information for Blackboard Students

The student will receive an email notifying him/her of enrollment. The course will appear on Blackboard. 

Submitting Lessons through Blackboard
Complete assignments regularly at a moderate pace. This is best for learning and retention and is also considerate of your instructor’s time. Submit assignments and take exams in the order that they are listed. We highly recommend that you keep a copy of your lesson submissions.

If you have trouble submitting assignments, the Student Blackboard Help section in Blackboard has useful information that may solve the issue.

Receiving Graded Lessons
Students should receive their graded lessons within one week after submission. Please be aware that at certain times of the year instructors may not be available for rapid grading of assignments and exams. This is particularly true during winter holidays, at the end of the semester, and during the summer months. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Let your instructor know if you have a specific deadline and how you plan to meet it.

If you have any questions, please email or call (877) 915-7313.

Final Grades

Final grades for semester courses will be submitted after the semester’s final exam period concludes, per the UM Academic Calendar (see link below). Final grades for Flex courses are entered when the course is completed.

The instructor enters final grades into myOleMiss. The grade recorded on the transcript indicates that the course was taken through iStudy. The A, B, C, D, and/or F-system of grading is used.

The student may request that a letter stating course completion be sent to any designated organization.

Grades earned on examinations and lessons will be considered in determining the final course grade. The weight of lessons and exams in determining the final grade varies within each course and is described in the course syllabus. Students must take the final examination to pass an iStudy course regardless of grades earned on lessons. Completion of a course occurs when all required lessons and examinations have been graded and reported by the instructor.

Students who need iStudy grades to graduate or to satisfy eligibility requirements for the subsequent academic term must complete all assigned work and the final examination allowing enough time for the instructor to submit the course grades. In these circumstances, students should plan their schedules to complete all requirements, including the final examination, 2 weeks before they wish to use the credit. Graduating seniors are responsible for meeting the deadlines of their academic degree programs. 

The iStudy Office will not give any grade reports by phone or e-mail.

See the UM Academic Calendar to consult the list of deadlines for University of Mississippi students.

See the registrar's webpage for information about requesting UM transcripts.