General Information for Prospective Students

Our programs are a great way for students to test the waters of college while gaining useful academic credit. However, they also represent a significant step toward independence for most students. While being challenged academically and intellectually, students are able to explore fields of study and build highly sought-after skills.

Students have a variety of opportunities at the University of Mississippi. Our participants have access to state-of-the-art facilities — classrooms, labs, recreation areas, and study rooms — which provide space to build a network of college professors, staff members, and visiting professionals while building friendships with peers from around the world. This time of learning and exploration can help students define what they want to do as a potential career ... or what they are not interested in pursuing.

Through our credit programs, high school students can start earning high school or college credits via an experience that fits their needs and interests.

Our programs include:

Credit Only

Credit plus Residential Experience