General Information for Admitted Students

Once you have been admitted to the University of Mississippi you will have the same benefits and responsibilities as any other undergraduate student. It’s important that you begin now to get familiar with academic conduct and other university policies, as well as other important information you need to know before you move forward in your courses.

Getting Started

UM Student ID Number
This is a campus-wide identification number that serves as the unique identification number for every student applying to or enrolled at the University of Mississippi. The student ID number is different from your undergraduate application number and is used by different offices at UM to access your records. When contacting an office at the University of Mississippi, students need to have their student ID number readily available to give to a staff member accessing their account or other records.

The student ID number appears on your UM student ID card and is an eight-digit number, starting with 10xxxxxx (not including preceding zeros). You can also find it by visiting myOleMiss and looking under the Student tab >> Academics >> Anticipated Graduation Date.

You will use your WebID to establish your myOleMiss account, access your UM email, check out books from the library, and conduct all official business at UM. Your WebID contains letters from your first and last name and sometimes numbers. To easily recognize it, your WebID is the group of letters and/or numbers before the @ symbol in your official Ole Miss student email address.

For example, Tony R. Landshark’s WebID would be “trlandsh” and his UM email would be

MyOleMiss is a web portal that is your source for official University of Mississippi services and information. MyOleMiss helps you effectively conduct business, receive announcements, and communicate with a variety of departments at UM.

Setting Up WebID and Password
Upon admission to the university, you will receive an email and/or text from IT with your WebID. Activate your WebID and email address as soon as possible. All UM communications will be sent to that email address. 
At myOleMiss, click the following:  WebID Help/Password >> I am unable to login to myOleMiss >> Enter Student ID number and Birthdate in order to set up your password. If you are unable to set your password, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (662) 915-5222 for assistance.

For your own safety, your password will expire every three months. You will need to set up a new password following the instructions at MyOleMiss Password Reset.

Summer students will have access to email addresses and other account services up to 4 weeks after the session ends.

University Identification Card
A student identification card is recommended for students taking live, in-person courses during the fall, spring or summer sessions, but it is not required. To get your ID card, visit the ID Center located on the first floor in the Rebel Market building

Residential students are required to have a University of Mississippi ID card for the duration of their program. This card will give you access to your residence hall, your room, your meal plan and access to many other buildings on campus. You will receive your ID card at registration. If you lose your ID card, your replacement will be charged to your bursar account.

University Student Email –
You will receive an official, UM student email. All email communications from the university, instructors, and staff will go to your UM student email, not your personal or high school email. Your email address is composed of [your WebID] You can check your email on the IT Helpdesk’s page.

We strongly suggest you check your email daily, so you don’t miss important and time-sensitive information from professors, the bursar, and our office.

Access to online services
All online services at Ole Miss utilize a single sign-on system that uses your WebID and associated password across all platforms and services. Please review myOleMiss for very important information regarding your Ole Miss email and Blackboard accounts.

Blackboard is the digital platform the University uses to administer courses. Your professor will upload the course syllabus, readings, homework, quizzes, exams, assignments, group work, announcements, etc. on this platform. It is vital for you to get familiar with Blackboard prior to the beginning of your course. You will need your WebID and your password to access Blackboard.

For students participating in virtual programming, Blackboard will serve as the hub for all virtual programming and community events.

Taking Courses

Standards of Academic Honesty
The University of Mississippi expects students to conduct themselves with the basic value of honesty and to follow the Creed of the University of Mississippi. Dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the university are regarded as particularly serious offenses. Disruptive behavior in an academic situation, or deliberately harming academic facilities are also grounds for academic discipline. 

Class Attendance and Conduct
Students are subject to the same attendance and behavior policies required of all enrolled students. Each individual professor will determine their course's attendance and other in-class policies. Disciplinary matters will follow procedures outlined in the University's Handbook of Standards and Activities (M Book).

Academic Disciplinary Procedures
All participants are official students at the University of Mississippi and must abide by the academic policies established by the institution. Faculty members together with their academic units will determine appropriate sanctions for academic dishonesty.

Possible sanctions include but are not limited to: failure on the work in question, retake of an examination, extra work, grade reduction or failure in the course, disciplinary probation, or suspension or expulsion from the university. To search university policies concerning definitions, offenses, penalties, and grievance procedures, visit the University of Mississippi’s Policy Database.

Students who commit academic dishonesty will be dismissed from the program without reimbursement or credits. All scholarships will be revoked. 

COVID-19 Health Protocols
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the University has put in place some health measures and guidelines to protect the UM community. You can find details on the UM COVID-19 Protocols page.

If you will be driving to campus and parking for class, please register your vehicle each semester with the Parking and Transportation Services Department.

Accepting Scholarships
Students will need to accept their scholarship award(s) upon availability. To accept the award(s):

  • Log into myOleMiss using your UM WebID credentials.
  • Under the "Financial Aid" section, click "Award Notification."
  • Choose the appropriate period and undergraduate year. (If enrolled for the summer term, please select the previous academic year - Summer 2021 = 2020-2021 year)
  • Follow and complete ALL of the prompts for each page.

Paying Tuition and Fees
Students will need to pay their bursar bill after accepting scholarships. To pay the bursar bill:

  • Log into myOleMiss using your UM WebID credentials.
  • Under the "Financials" section, click "View/Pay Account."
  • Follow the prompts.

Withdrawal Procedure
Any student wishing to withdraw from a course must have written permission from his/her high school to withdraw. That permission should be sent to the Office of College Programs. A student withdrawing from a course is subject to the same rules as any other university student and must meet deadlines for refunds as published in the university calendar.

How to Pay Your Bursar Bill
Tuition and other expenses are charged to your UM bursar account. The UM Office of the Bursar’s will bill you one time at the beginning of the semester. A copy of your monthly statement will be emailed to your email account. In addition, your account statement is available through myOleMiss.

Grades and Transcripts

You can view grades using your myOleMiss account. If you are receiving high school credit your school may require an official transcript as record of your grade and credit hours. The university does not automatically release grades to parents due to FERPA requirements. Please be aware that your grade does go on your permanent academic transcript. A University of Mississippi transcript is a complete record of a student's enrollment at UM, including all undergraduate and graduate courses.

Official UM Transcripts
Requests for official transcripts can be made through your myOleMiss portal or through the UM Office of the Registrar.

Applying to the University of Mississippi
As a credit student, you have already been admitted to the University of Mississippi on an early enrollment basis. Students who have previously participated in credit programs do not need to re-apply for undergraduate admission to the university for their incoming freshman year.

Former students should follow these steps to apply for incoming freshman admission to UM:

  • Please ask your High School Counselor’s Office to send:
    • High school transcript showing all 6 previous high school semesters
    • Your senior year course schedule
    • If not already submitted, your electronic test scores from ACT/SAT
  • If admissible as an incoming freshman student, admission letters will be mailed on a rolling basis beginning September 1, 2021.
  • If you wish to declare a specific major or need to change the term to begin, please email James Corner,, or visit the MyOleMiss Change My Major/Term page.

Your transcript, course schedule, and ACT/SAT scores should be mailed to:
University of Mississippi
Office of Admissions
                  Post Office Box 1848
                  128 Martindale
                  University, MS  38677

Transcripts can alternatively be sent electronically via Parchment Exchange.