SRA 262 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation

SRA 262 IS Sec 1, University of Mississippi
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3 credit hours

Instructor Information:

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Instructor name:
Kristopher Brasher

Kristopher Brasher is an Instructor of Therapeutic Recreation in the Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management Department.  Kristopher completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees (Exercise Science and Park and Recreation Management) at the University of Mississippi. He is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, certified lifeguard instructor, and Certified Aquatic Facility Operator. Kristopher worked in therapeutic recreation and aquatics for 18 years at the North Mississippi Regional Center and for 3 years with the Oxford Park Commission before coming to the university to begin his teaching career. His specialty is Therapeutic Recreation and he is currently working to build curriculum, rigor, and promote and increase enrollment in the Therapeutic Recreation program. Mr.  Brasher received the 2019 Recreation Therapist of the Year award for the State of Mississippi.

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Course Description

This course is designed to introduce the student to the therapeutic recreation profession and the therapeutic recreation process for service delivery. The course will address the concepts of therapeutic recreation for diverse populations in a variety of settings, and provide students with an introduction to the therapeutic techniques needed for successful practice in therapeutic recreation.

Textbook Information:

Textbook information will be provided upon enrollment in your iStudy course.

Course Objectives:

The student will demonstrate knowledge of:

  1. the value of recreation, leisure and Therapeutic Recreation, its history and concepts.
  2. Therapeutic Recreation settings, participants served, and types of activities offered.
  3. the Therapeutic Recreation process and models.
  4. the current trends and career opportunities in Therapeutic Recreation.
  5. planning, outlining and leading Therapeutic Recreation activities.

Course Outline:

This course consists of 11 instructional modules, 5 major projects, and 2 proctored examinations.

You MUST take the syllabus quiz within 2 weeks of enrolling or you will be dropped from the course. NOTE: you must pass the Syllabus and Orientation Quiz for the course materials to appear on the Lessons page.


Reading Assignments

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Syllabus Quiz

Week 1



Discussion board

Week 1


Chapter 1 - Considering TR as a Profession
Chapter 2 - History of TR

Lesson assignment

Week 1


Chapter 3 - Professional Opportunities in TR
Chapter 7 - Allied Professions

Lesson assignment

Week 2


Chapter 4 - Person-First Philosophy in TR

Lesson assignment

Week 3


Chapter 5 - Places, Models, and Modalities of Practice

Lesson assignment

Week 4


Chapter 6 - The Therapeutic Recreation Process

Lesson assignment

Week 5


Chapter 8 - Orthopedic and Neurological Impairment: From Rehabilitation to Community Reentry

Lesson assignment

Week 6

Major Projects 1-3

The first three projects must be completed and submitted before taking your midterm. Any project not submitted by the time you take the exam will receive a zero.

Project 1: TR Observation
Project 2: Tour of Facilities
Project 3: Local Barriers

 Week 7

Midcourse Exam

Covers lessons 1-6

To be scheduled
and completed
before proceeding

Week 8


If you are a semester student, you must reach the midpoint of your course by the date specified in your information.
If you are a Flex UM student, you CANNOT WITHDRAW from this course after the lesson has been submitted.

All lesson assignments or exams needed to reach the midpoint of the course

The exact date semester students are required to reach the midpoint is specified in your information.


Chapter 9 - TR and Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 10 - TR and Mental Health

Lesson assignment

Week 9


Chapter 11 - Youth Development and TR
Chapter 12 - Aging and the Life Span

Lesson assignment

Week 10


Chapter 13 - Wellness Through Physical Activity

Lesson assignment

Week 11


Chapter 14 - Demographics, Economics, Politics, and Legislation
Chapter 15 - A Global Perspective of TR

Lesson assignment, Disabilities and TR paper

Week 12


Chapter 16 - Paradoxes in Leisure Services and TR
Chapter 17 - Envisioning the Future: TR as a Profession

Lesson assignment

Week 13

Major Projects 4-5

The last two projects must be completed and submitted before taking your final. Any project not submitted by the time you take the exam will receive a zero.

Project 4: Shadow Documentation process
Project 5: Activity Plans/Description

 Week 14

Final Exam

Covers Lessons 7-11 (ensure all work is completed and graded prior to scheduling this exam)

To be scheduled
and completed
before proceeding

Week 15


Grading Scale:
90 - 100% = A
80 - 89% = B
70 - 79% = C
60 - 69% = D
Below 59% = F


You must submit the lessons required to take the course exam(s). Lessons required but not submitted will receive a grade of zero. For the final exam, all coursework must be submitted and graded.