SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 102 IS Sec 4, Semester, University of Mississippi
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3 credit hours

Instructor Information:

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Instructor name:
Karla Durán

Karla Durán is a Spanish Instructor in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi with more than 15 years of experience.  She was born in San José, Costa Rica. She came as visiting scholar in 2007 and has been teaching in the Basic Spanish Program. She holds degrees from the Universidad de Costa Rica: a bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's in Spanish as a Second Language. Karla has helped with the Free Tutoring in Portuguese offered to the students of 100 and 200 levels

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Course Description

Welcome to Spanish 102, Elementary Spanish II! This course is designed to continue to introduce you to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Our main goal for you is to have you learn to communicate effectively in Spanish and develop knowledge and an appreciation for Hispanic cultures. In this course, you will begin to work towards developing your Spanish communicative skills through extensive practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening. By the end of this class, you should be able to complete basic communicative tasks in Spanish using the communication strategies, grammar structures, and vocabulary acquired during the course, and understand and be able to talk about the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

The goals of this course are based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century. These standards, often referred to as the 5 Cs, emphasize the following areas:

  • Communication in Spanish
  • Learning about different cultures in the Spanish speaking world
  • Using language to make connections to other disciplines
  • Comparing and contrasting languages and cultures to develop a deeper understanding of language
  • Using the larger community as a way to experience and acquire knowledge about language

This course is the second in the sequence of courses in our Elementary Spanish Program. Upon successfully completing this course, the next level in the sequence would be Span 201.

The keys to success in this class are generally the same as those in any other class. However, given the nature of online classes, students are responsible for covering a good deal of material on their own. Competency in the basic use of a computer is required to complete numerous independent web-based activities. The level of proficiency and the final grade attained will depend largely on what a student puts into his or her learning. Student success requires substantial commitment and proactivity. Students are expected to dedicate 12-15 hours of study per week to this class, thus, it is in students’ best interest NOT to wait until the last minute to complete assignments.

Spanish 101 or equivalent.

Textbook Information:

Textbook information will be provided upon enrollment in your iStudy course.

Course Objectives:

This course consists of 4 instructional modules (or lessons) and 3 proctored exams.

Course Outline:

This course consists of 4 instructional modules (or lessons) and 3 proctored exams.

LESSON Reading Assignments Due for Grades
Syllabus *You MUST complete the syllabus quiz as soon as you have access to your Blackboard course. This is mandatory to verify your attendance.* NOTE: you must pass the Syllabus and Orientation Quiz for the course materials to appear on the Lessons page. Syllabus Quiz
5 Capítulo 5: Por la ciudad Connect Activities
6 Capítulo 6: ¡A comer! Connect Activities
Unit Exam 1 Proctored exam covering Capítulos 5 y 6 To be scheduled
and completed
before proceeding
MIDPOINT OF COURSE If you are a semester student, you must reach the midpoint of your course by the date specified in your information.
If you are a Flex UM student, you CANNOT WITHDRAW from this course after the lesson has been submitted.
All lesson assignments or exams needed to reach the midpoint of the course.

The exact date semester students are required to reach the midpoint is specified in your information.
7 Capítulo 7: Los recuerdos y la nostalgia Connect Activities
8 Capítulo 8: La ropa y la moda Connect Activities
Unit Exam 2 Proctored exam covering Capítulos 7 y 8 To be scheduled
and completed before proceeding
Final Exam Comprehensive proctored exam To be scheduled and completed to finalize credit


The grading scale is as follows:
90 - 100% = A
80 - 89% = B
70 - 79% = C
60 - 69% = D
Below 59% = F

The grading format is as follows:
Connect activities: 30%
Unit Exam 1: 20%
Unit Exam 2: 20%
Final Exam: 30%


You must submit the lessons required to take the course exam(s). Lessons required but not submitted will receive a grade of zero. For the final exam, all coursework must be submitted and graded.