IMC 104 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication

IMC 104 IS Sec 2, University of Mississippi
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3 credit hours

Instructor Information:

Bobby D. Steele Jr

Instructor name:
Bobby Steele Jr.

Instructor Information:
Mr. Steele is the Instructional Assistant Professor (IAP) of Branding and Promotions in the School of Journalism and New Media. Professor Steele received an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Mississippi and a Bachelor of Science from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.  Professor Steele teaches undergraduate courses in journalism and integrated marketing communications.  

IMPORTANT: A Note from Your Professor
Welcome to IMC 104, the iStudy edition. My partners, Dean Scott Fiene, IAP Mike Tonos, and I prepared much of the material in this course for previous semesters' classes.  If you have any questions, please let me know as we travel this road together. The syllabus is long, but the information is invaluable. The last part of the syllabus is about your proctored midterm and final which are worth 50% of your overall grade.

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Course Description

This on-line course introduces the basic disciplines of IMC: branding, public relations, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and other things. 3-credit hours, no prerequisites but course may be repeated only once. Whether you are (or become) an IMC major ñ or if you are just taking the course for an elective ñ I hope you find the content useful in understanding what integrated marketing communication is and how it is used.

Course Overview: The course starts out very broad: What is marketing? What is integrated marketing communications? How does IMC work? From there, the focus narrows to the nuts and bolts of specific IMC strategies: How is public relations used? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different advertising mediums? What makes good direct marketing great? And much, much more.

But IMC isn’t just about promotional strategies. That’s why other concepts are woven into the curriculum as well…things like the importance of good research, ethics, the role of personal selling, IMC careers and the like. The class covers a wide variety of things. But that’s how integrated marketing communication is—it’s very broad. That’s one of the reasons it’s such a dynamic and fascinating concept.

Textbook Information:

Textbook information will be provided upon enrollment in your iStudy course.

Course Objectives:

Objectives include (but are not limited to):

  1. Understand the fundamental principles and concepts of integrated marketing communications.
  2. Learn the appropriate situations for using each IMC tactic, and how the tactics work together to convey consistent organizational messages.
  3. Recognize IMC opportunities and challenges in the real world by observing the current efforts of businesses and organizations.

Course Outline:

This course consists of 14 instructional modules (or lessons) and 2 proctored examinations.

You MUST take the syllabus quiz within 2 weeks of enrolling or you will be dropped from the course. NOTE: you must pass the Syllabus and Orientation Quiz for the course materials to appear on the Lessons page.


Reading Assignments

Due for Grades

Pacing guide to complete the course in a semester

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*You MUST complete the syllabus quiz as soon as you have access to your Blackboard course. This is mandatory to verify your attendance.* NOTE: you must pass the Syllabus and Orientation Quiz for the course materials to appear on the Lessons page.

Syllabus Quiz

Week 1


Welcome to IMC: Chapter 1

discussion board, ungraded quiz

Week 1


What is marketing? What is IMC?: Chapter 2

journal, quiz

Week 2


Research, Surveys, and Focus Groups: lesson materials only


Week 3


Branding: Chapter 3

journal, quiz

Week 4


Marketing and Ethics: lesson materials only


Week 5


Creative Brief: Chapters 4, 5, and 6 (midterm study guide location)

no assignment due

Week 6

Midterm Exam

Proctored exam covering lessons 1-6.
NOTE: all lesson work must be submitted before you apply for this exam.

To be scheduled
and completed
before proceeding

End of Week 6


If you are a semester student, you must reach the midpoint of your course by the date specified in your information.
If you are a Flex UM student, you CANNOT WITHDRAW from this course after the exam has been submitted.

All lesson assignments or exams needed to reach the midpoint of the course

The exact date semester students are required to reach the midpoint is specified in your  information.


Public Relations: Chapter 9

journal, quiz

Week 7


Print Advertising: Chapters 10 and 11


Week 8


Broadcast Advertising: Chapters 12 and 13

journal, quiz

Week 9


Direct Marketing: Chapter 14


Week 10


Sales Promotion: Chapter 15

journal, quiz

Week 11


Internet Marketing: Chapter 16


Week 12


Sales and Personal Selling: lesson materials only

no assignment due

Week 13


Final Thoughts: lesson materials only

no assignment due

Week 14

Final Exam

Proctored exam covering lessons 6-14.
NOTE: all lesson work must be submitted and graded before you apply for this exam.

To be scheduled
and completed
to finalize credit

Week 15


At the conclusion of the course your final grade will be calculated using the following scale (note that +/- is not used and there is no opportunity for extra credit).
90-100 percent = A
80-89.9 percent = B
70-79.9 percent = C
60-69.9 percent = D
59.9 percent or less = F


You must submit the lessons required to take the course exam(s). Lessons required but not submitted will receive a grade of zero. For the final exam, all coursework must be submitted and graded.