Refund Policy

Semester courses

  • Withdrawal from a semester iStudy course is permitted at any time within the semester registration period (until the last day to register or add classes). Use your myOleMIss account to drop the course.
  • Another course may be added within the semester registration period.
  • If an iStudy course is added after the registration window is closed, it must be a Flex iStudy course. The cost of the course would then be in addition to the cost of full-time tuition.
  • Semester courses are unavailable once the registration window is closed.
  • Refunds for 12 credit hours or below are unavailable after the semester refund date. For 13 to 19 credits, there was no additional charge to full-time tuition, so no refund is due.
  • See the UM Academic Calendar for specific semester dates and deadlines here.

Flex Courses

  • There is a refund of 100% if the withdrawal is if the request is received within the first 30 days from the enrollment date.
  • In the period after thirty days but within sixty days the refund is 80%.
  • Withdrawals after 60 days are not eligible for a refund.
  • Withdrawal with or without a refund is not an option if the course midpoint has been reached.
  • The Withdrawal Questionnaire is located in your My Applications:
    1. Log in with your UM credentials by click log in in the top right corner. 
    2. Go to Applicant – My Applications. 
    3. Click on the application for the course. 
    4. Go to the iStudy Withdrawal Request Semester questionnaire located under the Application Questionnaire. 
    5. Complete the questionnaire and submit. 
    6. Once we are notified the questionnaire has been submitted we will work to officially drop you from the course.