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French 202 iStudy, version 1

University of Mississippi
Department of Modern Languages
  3 credit hours

Instructor Information:

Lorena Fonseca

Lorena Fonseca

Dr. Fonseca is a lecturer of French at the Modern Languages Department in The University of Mississippi.

She has a joint PhD in Discourse Analysis from both Lumières-Lyon II (France) and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Contact Information:

If you have questions concerning the content of the course, you may contact the instructor directly using the Send Email link in the Communications & Tools tab. NOTE: Whenever sending email, please be sure to indicate your course title and number in the subject line.

For lesson or test administration issues, please contact the iStudy department:

The University of Mississippi
Division of Outreach and Continuing Education
P. O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677

Phone: (662) 915-7313, toll-free (877) 915-7313
Fax: (662) 915-8826

Course Description

French 202 is the last Intermediate French Language class designed for students who have had the equivalent of three semesters of French instruction. During this 12-lesson Independent Study course, students will perfecti their written and oral skills, enabling them to effectively communicate in French.

A variety of cultural issues, grammar points, contextual vocabulary, and readings will be examined and considered. Each lesson includes an assignment based on the activities of the textbook to be followed by an eventual midterm exam and an eventual final exam. Additionally, most lessons require a recording activity, as well.

Textbook Information:


You must purchase MYFRENCH LAB:

MYFRENCHLAB for Chez Nous. BranchÈ sur le Monde Francophone. Fourth Edition. ISBN 978-0205215072

Students can access all of the pages of the manual, audio resources, video clips and workbook at
To enroll in MyFrenchLab, go to

On the Registration page, click on "Student"
  • The next screen asks: Do you have an access code?
    • If you have an access code, click Yes, then go to step 3.
    • If you do not have an access code, click No, and follow the instructions to purchase the access code.
    • You will need to select the "Chez Nous" book. Read "Terms of Agreement" and click "Accept" Under "Do you have a Pearson account?", check "No."
    • Create a login and password.
  • Enter the access code that you purchased.
  • Under "Do you have a Course ID from your instructor?", check "Yes" and enter

ID: CRSKLCE-8018100

  • Click "Next" to complete the other steps. Confirm your registration.

You don't need to purchase the physical book for there is an e-book in MYFRENCHLAB but you can buy it if you feel more comfortable studying from a physical manual.

If you would like to purchase the physical textbook:

Chez nous: BranchÈ sur le monde francophone (4th Edition) by Albert Valdman, Cathy Pons and Mary Ellen Scullen (Jan 23, 2009) 0205933769-9780205933761

It is your responsibility to order your textbook. Online retailers such as,, or usually provide used textbooks at economical prices.

Use the ISBN number to make sure you're ordering the exact book required in this syllabus.

Course Objectives:

Objectives include (but are not limited to):

Emphasizing communication developed through authentic language samples and tasks.
Encouraging cultural comparisons.
Presenting a broad cross section of French-speaking communities.
Fostering connections by guiding students through a variety of disciplines, including history, geography, art, and literature.

Promoting skill development within a distinctive cultural framework.

Course Outline:

This course is divided into twelve lessons, each of which contains the following sections:

POWER POINT PRESENTATION! Here the student will find a lecture for each lesson with interactive recorded content. Go through your PPT before starting doing the homework. It contains valuable information for you to succeed in your assignment.


  • Devoir …crit. Written homework to be submitted for grade. All lessons have written homework to submit. The written homework follows the pages of your book. You need the book or e-book to complete the written homework. All submitted activities will be checked by your instructor whether they are machine graded or not. Therefore, if your answer is fully or partially acceptable but the machine didn't recognize it, your instructor will override your grade.
  • Sons et lettres. Only some lessons have this which is a voice recording. This is where the student will show to the instructor that he/she is learning how to pronounce the words in French. The exercises in pronunciation will be voice recorded and follows the section of your book named "Sons et lettres".
  • MyFrenchLab. These assignments ARE MANDATORY. They are submitted through MyFrenchLab and are self paced but it is recommended that the student completes each chapter on MyFrenchLab lessons as he completes the same chapter in the workbook. IMPORTANT! You only need to do what is assigned on MyFrenchLab by your teacher. Go to Course Materials, select a chapter (chapter 10, 11 or 12), and select Student Activities Manual. All assigned activities for that chapter will have a blue check mark under it and it says "assigned" (Not all activities are assigned).
  • Extra practice. These are online activities selected by your teacher that are related to the topic of the lesson. They are OPTIONAL.
  • Please let me know if you need any assistance.

Reading Assignments

(from your textbook)

Due for Grades

Chapitre 10: La santÈ et le bien-Ítre;

LeÁon 1: La santÈ

DÈvoir Ècrit
Sons et Lettres (Recording)

Chapitre 10: La santÈ et le bien-Ítre;

LeÁon 2: Sauvons la planËte

DÈvoir Ècrit
Sons et Lettres (Recording)

Chapitre 10: La santÈ et le bien-Ítre;

LeÁon 3: Le bien commun: la politique et le civisme

DÈvoir Ècrit

Chapitre 10: La santÈ et le bien-Ítre;

Venez chez nous! L'Ècologie

DÈvoir Ècrit
MyFrenchLab chapter 10

Chapitre 11: quoi de neuf? cinÈma et mÈdias

LeÁon 1: Le grand et le petit Ècran

DÈvoir Ècrit
Sons et Lettres (Recording)

Chapitre 11: quoi de neuf? cinÈma et mÈdias

LeÁon 2: Etes-vous branchÈ informatique

DÈvoir Ècrit
Sons et Lettres (Recording)
Mid Course Exam

Lesson 1 (chapitre 11, leÁon 1) through 6 (chapitre 11, leÁon 2).

To be scheduled
and completed
before proceeding

Chapitre 11: quoi de neuf? cinÈma et mÈdias

LeÁon 3: On s'informe

DÈvoir Ècrit

Chapitre 11: quoi de neuf? cinÈma et mÈdias

Venez chez nous! Le cinÈma

DÈvoir Ècrit
MyFrenchLab (chapter 11)

Chapitre 12: Les beaux-arts

LeÁon 1: FÍtons sa musique!

DÈvoir Ècrit

Chapitre 12: Les beaux-arts

LeÁon 2: L'art et ses formes d'expression

DÈvoir Ècrit

Chapitre 12: Les beaux-arts

LeÁon 3: Allons voir un spectacle!

DÈvoir Ècrit

Chapitre 12: Les beaux-arts

Venez chez nous! Modes d'expression artistique

DÈvoir Ècrit
MyFrenchLab (chapter 12)
Final Exam
Lesson 7 (Chapitre 11, leÁon 3) through lesson 12 (Chapitre 12, Venez chez nous!)
To be scheduled
and completed
to finalize credit



90 - 100% = A
80 - 89% = B
70 - 79% = C
60 - 69% = D
Below 59% = F


Categories of Evaluation:
Each student's final course-grade shall be comprised of:

Devoir Ècrit (Homework Assignments): 20%
Recordings: 10%
MyFrenchLab: 20%
Oral exam: 10%
Mid-Course Exam (Lessons 1 thru 8): 20%
Final Exam (Lessons 9 thru 12): 20%

TOTAL = 100%


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