William Watson

Q&A with William Watson, Outstanding Undergraduate MIS Student

Major: Management Information Systems
Hometown: Eupora, MS

Q: Did you attend Northwest prior to transferring to UM-DeSoto?
A: Yes, I attended Northwest, I received my AA in MIS. I also got an outstanding student award in MIS from NorthwestYes, I attended Northwest, I received my AA in MIS. I also got an outstanding student award in MIS from Northwest.

Q: Why did you choose to enroll at UM-DeSoto?
A: I decided to attend the Desoto Center because I am a non-traditional student with four children, and loved the location of the campus. My kiddos could stay in the same school they are in! I also was very blessed to receive a number of financial scholarships that made it a very easy decision to transfer from Northwest. I would not have been able to make the sacrifices needed to finish my degree without the scholarships.

Q: Did you have any professors that made an impact on you?
A: Yes, in particular, I have really enjoyed my interactions with Dr. (Lynn) Kugele and even though the classes were cut short, I also enjoyed Dr. (Bud) Hamilton. Both of the professors seem to want to provoke analytical thinking.

Q: Did you encounter any challenges along the way?
A: For me, the challenges have been to maintain a high GPA while also performing my duties as lab representative for Ten Healthcare, and keeping up with all my kid's schedules.

Q: Speaking of your job role, can you tell me more about your involvement with COVID-19 efforts?
A: I am the district representative for Ten Healthcare. We are a high-complexity molecular laboratory that performs pathogen identification coupled with an antibiotic resistance panel for upper respiratory, wound, women's health, and urinary tract infections. Our upper respiratory infection panel includes COVID-19. I have been working sixty hours a week since the week before spring break.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: After graduation, I plan on continuing to further my career at Ten Healthcare while pursuing my masters.