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Tiffany Luttrell

Luttrell Earns UM’s Top Academic Honor

Hernando’s Tiffany Luttrell works to earn degree focused on educating others.

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. – Tiffany Luttrell of Hernando is graduating summa cum laude from the University of Mississippi this month. Despite a few twists and turns in her career path, she has stayed dedicated throughout her journey to the importance of earning her degree.

As a 2014 graduate of Hernando High School, Luttrell began her college career as a nursing major at Northwest Mississippi Community College, but realized that she didn’t feel this was the path for her.

“I decided that even though it would take me a bit longer to complete my degree that it was better to change career paths now and do something I loved and was passionate about,” Luttrell said. “I’m happy with the path I chose.”

After being inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) community college honor society at Northwest, Luttrell qualified for a PTK transfer scholarship as well as an academic excellence scholarship to continue working toward her bachelor’s degree at the University of Mississippi- DeSoto campus in Southaven.

As a student in the Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies (MDS) program, Luttrell minored in education, psychology, and sociology to complete a degree crafted to her particular interest of working with the next generation of students.

Luttrell currently teaches a four-year-old pre-school class at La Petite in Olive Branch.

“I’m able to use some of the material I’m learning now in my college courses and incorporate those in class as we are setting the foundations of education for these students,” she said. “What they are learning now are the building blocks for their success in the future.”

Charlie Aaron, a psychology and education instructor at UM-DeSoto said that Luttrell was a hardworking student who was committed to succeeding in school and in life.

“Tiffany has a contagious attitude about the importance of education,” Aaron said. “Through her responses and participation in class discussions and activities, Tiffany shared experiences that affect her both as a person and as an educator.”

During the UM graduation ceremonies for the class of 2021, Luttrell will serve as the banner barer for the MDS program. This honor was awarded to her after she was named a UM Taylor Medalist for the Class of 2021. The Taylor Medal is the highest academic award offered at the University and is given to no more than one percent of the graduating class.

Luttrell says that she would encourage other students to keep striving for their goals despite any setbacks they may encounter.

“I had to figure out what to do when obstacles came my way, but I didn’t give up on my dream and everything worked out well,” Luttrell said.