Psychology 2 (NWCC) + 2 (UMD) Curriculum

This curriculum is for the student working toward an Associate of Arts degree from Northwest Mississippi Community College who intends to continue studies toward the Bachelor of Arts with the University of Mississippi.

NWCC Core Curriculum

English Composition
6 hours
ENG 1113-English Composition I
ENG 1123-English Composition II

Fine Arts (choose one)
3 hours
MUS 1113-Music Appreciation
ART 1113-Art Appreciation
SPT 2233-Theatre Appreciation

Humanities (choose one)
3 hours
PHI 1113-Old Testament Survey
PHI 1133-New Testament Survey
PHI 2613-World Religions I
PHI 2113-Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 2143-Ethics
PHI 2713-Logic

Social/Behavioral Science
9 hours

PSY 1513-General Psychology (with “C” or better)

Choose two:
EPY/PSY 2533-Human Growth and Development (recommended)
EPY/PSY 2513-Child Psychology (recommended)
PSC 1113-American National Government
SOC 2113-Introduction to Sociology I
SOC 2133-Social Problems
SOC 2143-Marriage and Family
ECO 2113-Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2123-Principles of Microeconomics

Natural Sciences with Labs (choose two from the same subject area)
8 hours
BIO 1113 & 1111-Principles of Biology I OR
BIO 1133 & 1131-General Biology I
BIO 1533 & 1531-Survey of Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 2513 & 2511-Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 1123 & 1121-Principles of Biology II OR
BIO 1143 & 1141-General Biology II
BIO 2523 & 2521-Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2923 & 2921-Microbiology
CHE 1213 & 1211-General Chemistry I
CHE 1223 & 1221-General Chemistry II
CHE 1313 & 1311-Principles of Chemistry I
CHE 1323 & 1321-Principles of Chemistry II
CHE 2424 & 2420-Organic Chemistry I
CHE 2434 & 2430-Organic Chemistry II
PHY 1113 & 1111-Intro to Astronomy
PHY 2243 & 2241-Physical Science I
PHY 2253 & 2251-Physical Science II
PHY 2413 & 2411-General Physics I
PHY 2423 & 2421-General Physics II
PHY 2513 & 2511-Engineering Physics I
PHY 2523 & 2521-Engineering Physics II

3 hours
MAT 1753 Quantitative Reasoning (or higher)

Basic Computer Skills*
3 hours
CSC 1123- Computer Applications I

Additional Courses

Foreign Language (1-4 of same language)
12 hours
MFL 1213- Spanish I
MFL 1223- Spanish II
MFL 2213- Spanish III
MFL 2223- Spanish IV

History (choose two)
6 hours
HIS 1113-Western Civilization I
HIS 1123-Western Civilization II
HIS 2213-American History I
HIS 2223-American History II

Literature (choose two)
6 hours
ENG 2223-American Literature I
ENG 2233-American Literature II
ENG 2323-British Literature I
ENG 2333-British Literature II
ENG 2423-World Literature I
ENG 2433-World Literature II

Science (choose one from a different subject area than other 2 sciences)
3 hours
BIO 1113-Principles of Biology I
BIO 1133-General Biology I
BIO 2513-Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 1123-Principles of Biology II
BIO 1143-General Biology II
BIO 2523-Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2923-Microbiology
CHE 1213-General Chemistry I
CHE 1223-General Chemistry II
CHE 1313-Principles of Chemistry I
CHE 1323-Principles of Chemistry II
CHE 2424-Organic Chemistry I
CHE 2434-Organic Chemistry II
PHY 1113-Intro to Astronomy
PHY 2243-Physical Science I
PHY 2253-Physical Science II
PHY 2413-General Physics I
PHY 2423-General Physics II
PHY 2513-Engineering Physics I
PHY 2523-Engineering Physics II

Additional Courses
6 hours
PSY 2323-Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (with “C” or better)
PSY 2113-Laboratory in Psychology

Psychology majors may apply 60 community college credit hours to the bachelor's degree.     

*Required for NWCC graduation; may transfer as elective credit. Contact a UM advisor for details.