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Enrolling in a UMHS course is very easy. Begin by checking the course listings. If you don’t know what course you wish to take, please begin your selection process by talking with an academic advisor about your educational goals. Contact us at:

Outreach and Continuing Education
Office of Pre-College Programs
The University of Mississippi High School
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677-1848
Phone: (662) 915-1296
Fax: (662) 915-5138

Email an Advisor

Once you have selected the course, or courses, that meet your needs, you may use any one of three convenient ways to enroll in a University of Mississippi High School course.

Directions for Enrollment
Click the link below to complete all of the necessary information for course registration. After you choose your courses, you will be taken to a link to pay via credit card or check.

NOTE: UMHS is not accepting international students for enrollment at this time.

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Enrollment FAQs

A high school course enrollment covers a period of one year from the date the enrollment is processed by UMHS. Supervisors are notified by mail approximately 30 days before a student’s enrollment expires.

Yes, students may extend their enrollment in a course for an additional six months by submitting a written request and a $100 extension fee within 30 days after the course expiration date. The extension will be calculated from the actual expiration date of the original enrollment.

There are no official timelines within the constraints of the one-year enrollment time frame. Students exercise control over their progress through course assignments. However, instructors are willing to assist students in the creation of individualized pacing guides.

Minimum completion period: A student may not complete a course in less than four weeks for a half unit course and 6 weeks for a 1 unit course from the date the first written work is received at the The University of Mississippi High School without advance permission from the administration. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to complete a course in less than three weeks (21 days) from the date the first course assignment is received in our office.

All online courses are operated on the Blackboard. Students will receive all assignments through Blackboard and will return all assignments through Blackboard. For print-based courses, students can mail, email, or fax written assignments to the UMHS.

Blackboard is a paperless interface and allows students and teachers to submit and return documents electronically. Just as students submitted assignments through Blackboard, teachers will return the graded assignments through Blackboard, as well.


The fee for a 1 unit course is $375. The fee for a ½ unit course is $250.

The fee for a 1 unit AP course is $425. The fee for a ½ unit AP course is $275.

School districts should contact our office regarding multiple student discounts.