• Group of three students testing on computers
  • Student concentrating on test
  • Student getting good test results on computer

We are the Linda Chitwood Testing Center

The mission of the Linda Chitwood Testing Center is to serve the University and the community by facilitating and providing high-quality learning experiences.

The testing center values integrity, quality, and efficiency in the creation and implementation of innovative educational strategies to engage minds, to transform lives, and to serve others. We seek to inspire change and growth by building relationships and working collaboratively with university students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners from the region, state, nation, and beyond.

To fulfill our mission, we must create innovative pathways to academic, personal, and professional enhancement for a diverse body of learners through intentional and inclusive collaboration between university, community partners, and vendors. We are committed to fostering an equitable and welcoming environment for our stakeholders, including all University of Mississippi campuses, our community partners, and vendors.