Why Study USA?

  • It's domestic.
  • It's affordable.
  • It augments the traditional classroom experience.
  • It's a means of networking.
  • It provides a realistic preview of careers and opportunities available to students.

Why learn about Study USA? So you can...

  • Be informed about this unique program offered by the University of Mississippi
  • Work with your chair and dean to develop a short-term academic travel class
  • Advise students about Study USA offerings

Information For Faculty

The Course Proposal and Planning Process

After you've determined a topic and location around which to develop a course…

  • Check the Study USA site to make sure that nothing similar has been offered
  • Work with your department chair to determine the feasibility of a Study USA offering
  • Prepare the Course Proposal Form (pdf available on the Study USA website)
  • Submit the Course Proposal Form and syllabus to the department chair for approval
  • Once approved by the chair, submit the Course Proposal Form and syllabus to the Dean for final approval
  • Complete the Course Planning Form to refine course details and provide specific for use in marketing materials and promotion (pdf available on the Study USA website)
  • Submit you approved Course Proposal Form, Course Planning Form and syllabus to the Study USA office by the course proposal deadline for consideration (see the Study USA website for deadlines)
  • For repeat offerings, submit an updated and approved Course Proposal Form and syllabus to the Study USA Office by the course proposal deadline for consideration

After your proposal is accepted…

  • Meet with the Study USA director to discuss program specifics
  • Begin recruiting students – you are the best promoter of your program
  • Once the class meets minimum enrollments, begin communicating with your students about course logistics and details

Before you depart…

  • Meet with students for orientation
  • Complete a Travel Authorization
  • Finalize details with the Study USA Office
  • Obtain student health and emergency treatment paperwork from the Study USA Office

While you're traveling…

  • Hold an on-site orientation
  • Keep track of student arrivals and departures
  • Address student behavior and conduct
  • Uphold the academic integrity of your program
  • Be vigilant about student health and safety
  • Keep in touch with the Study USA Office

Once you return…

  • Tally and report grades using the Study USA Grade Report Form (spreadsheet available from the Study USA Office)
  • File your Travel Reimbursement
  • Assess the success of your program
  • Plan for future offerings of the completed program

The Role of the Study USA Office

After a proposal is accepted, we will…

  • Create and distribute promotional materials
  • Recruit students through informational sessions and class visits
  • Accept and review student applications
  • Coordinate logistics for the program
  • Set course fees
  • Work with professor to develop the details of the program

Before you depart, we will…

  • Register students for courses
  • Coordinate advance payments of student costs

While you're traveling…

  • Assist with any logistical issues that arise
  • Serve as a contact in case of emergency

Once you return, we will…

  • Conduct student evaluations
  • Aid with Travel Reimbursements
  • Report grades to the Registrar
  • Plan for future programs

Forms for Faculty