Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration, General Business

The General Business major is a broad-based program designed to educate students and provide a solid understanding of business fundamentals. The scope of the major encompasses all facets of business and provides students with a wider range of analysis across the business functional areas. Our graduates are expected to work in business environments that require more diverse skills across the many areas of business. Graduates could go on to be general managers in medium and large businesses, and start or work in small or family-owned businesses. The major requires students to pursue experiences, either internationally (Abroad) or in a work setting (Internship); as well as, a minor from one of the other Schools or Colleges at the University of Mississippi to promote well-rounded and developed students for the demands of a diverse work environment.

Elementary Education

Undergraduate education majors explore and build knowledge while they practice and refine their teaching and classroom-management skills through effective classroom instruction and hands-on field experiences.

Students who take their very first college courses in the Fall of 2007 will be under the new degree requirements which include completion of 124 college credit hours, with no more than 62 hours of community college transfer courses to be counted for the degree.

Multi-Disciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies is a cross-disciplinary program offered to maximize opportunities for individuals to reach personal goals, meet job requirements, and advance their careers.

The degree was created in 2011 to meet the needs of undergraduates who wish to tailor their own degree program to meet their specific educational and career needs; non-traditional students whose work and family responsibilities constrain their ability to complete the requirements of other undergraduate degree programs offered by the University; and students who have accumulated many college credits, but discontinued their studies without completing a degree.

Courses taken in fulfillment of bachelor of multi-disciplinary studies degree requirements are selected from the offerings of the College of Liberal Arts and the professional schools serving undergraduates at the University of Mississippi.

  • provides maximum flexibility for students with defined career objectives
  • allows students to incorporate previously completed coursework into a viable bachelor's degree; and
  • includes the core curriculum, three minors, and electives (a total of 120 hours*).

* At least 30 of the semester hours applied to the degree program must be at the 300, 400, or 500 level.

Criminal Justice

UM students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice gain a rich understanding of crime and criminal justice in the United States and abroad. The program in criminal justice is designed as both a four-year major and as an affiliated program for students transferring from community colleges, providing students with excellent academic training and experience through our classes and internship program. The program is designed to prepare students to take an active role in the fields of criminal justice and homeland security.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice students may focus on one of the areas below:

Graduate Degree Programs


Master of Education

Elementary Education Curriculum & Instruction

Master of Education graduates are prepared to exhibit extensive mastery, depth, and sophistication in their coursework and in their classrooms. They are made aware of current and emerging research and its implications for classroom practice. As a result of their classroom experiences, interactions with colleagues and faculty, and continued study, they think reflectively about classroom practice and ways to enhance it.

The master's degree programs enhance excellence in teaching by encouraging individual growth and application of research-based techniques and emerging theory in the classroom. In addition, these programs build on basic-level preparation that teachers have received and require more in-depth study, reading, research, and sharing with classmates in a professional, collegial, academic setting.

Advisor: William J. Sumrall
Professor of Science Education and Coordinator of the Masters in Elementary Education Program
Department of Teacher Education
School of Education
The University of Mississippi
307 Guyton Hall
University, MS 38677
Phone: (662) 915-5310
Fax: (662) 915-6718 Fax
Email: sumrall@olemiss.edu

Master's of Elementary Education program sheet

Educational Leadership (K-12 Administration)

This graduate-level program prepares leaders for schools and school districts and blends the theoretical concepts and research of educational leadership with practical aspects of school and school-district operation.

Each component of the 30-hour program is invaluable to the overall goal of preparing entry-level school leaders. It also provides the necessary skills and knowledge to meet Mississippi licensure (AA Certification). Candidates begin the program in the summer as a part of a cohort. Absent extenuating circumstances, students remain in the cohort throughout the program. This group shares a set of common experiences in the classroom and in the field. 

Curriculum & Program Information

For More Information:
Dennis Bunch, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Department of Leadership & Counselor Education
School of Education
The University of Mississippi
126 Guyton Hall
University, MS 38677
Phone: (662) 915-5771
Fax: (662) 915-7230
Email: dbunch@olemiss.edu