Alumni Network

Alumni Support is a hallmark of the University of Mississippi. Ole Miss Alumni include many highly successful and nationally prominent businesspeople, and a large number of are graduates of the MBA Program.


The MBA Alumni Board is composed of a committed team of professionals that are student advocates. Each member brings their own business expertise coupled with a passion for Ole Miss to positively influence students.


The Business Advisory Board is composed of successful executives, business people, and entrepreneurs who generously give their time to help the Ole Miss Business School in many important ways. One of the Board's most important contributions, and the favorite activity for the members, is to help Ole Miss Business students make the personal connections they need to find jobs and promote their careers. Board members come to campus at least twice per year for semi-annual meetings, but many members come more often to give guest lectures, interact with students, and participate in student activities.


One of the most important and valuable aspects of being a student at The University of Mississippi is the incredibly intense loyalty of our alumni. With members all over the U.S. and throughout the world in all manner of professions and levels of success, the Ole Miss Alumni Association provides our students with a link to a network that is one of the most powerful and pervasive of any university in the country.