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UM High School Courses

The UMHS offers fully accredited classes to students looking to earn credits needed for high school graduation requirements, as well as classes for students wishing to receive a diploma from The University of Mississippi High School.

The UMHS courses listed below that are marked with an asterisk are NCAA-approved (National Collegiate Athletic Association) core courses.

All students are held to the policies and standards of the UHS as outlined in the UMHS Student Handbook.

(if applicable)
English Language Arts      
7th Grade English (online textbook rental available)     In development
8th Grade English (online textbook rental available)     In development
*English I (students provide textbook) 230370 1 View
*English II (students provide textbook) 450189 1 View
*English III (students provide textbook) 230371 1 View
*English IV (students provide textbook) 230372 1 View
*College Preparatory Writing (no textbook required) 450261 .5 View
*Journalism (no textbook required) 450330 1 View
*Mississippi Writers (students provide textbook) 450199 .5 View
*Survey of African-American Literature (students provide textbook) 450307 .5 View
Technical Writing (no textbook required) 450308 .5 View
*Twentieth Century Literature (students provide textbook) 450309 .5 View
*World Literature (students provide textbook) 450314 .5 View
*AP English Language and Composition (students provide textbook) 450243 1 In development
AP English Literature and Composition (students provide textbook) 450244 1 In development
7th Grade Math (Compacted) (online textbook rental available)     In development
8th Grade Math (online textbook rental available)     In development
*Algebra I (online textbook rental available) 450180 1 View
*Geometry (online textbook rental available) 270478 1 View
*Algebra II (students provide textbook) 450181 1 View
*Probability & Statistics (online textbook included)   1 In development
*Algebra III (this course is Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus combined) (students provide textbook) 450182 1 N/A
*Trigonometry (students provide textbook) 270560 .5 View
*Pre-Calculus (students provide textbook) 270548 .5 View
*Calculus (students provide textbook) 450183 1 View
*AP Calculus (AB) (students provide textbook) 450247 1 In development
7th Grade Science (online textbook rental available)     In development
8th Grade Science (online textbook rental available)     In development
*Biology (students provide textbook) 450186 1 View
*Botany (students provide textbook) 450187 .5 View
*Chemistry 450188 1 In development
*Earth and Space Science (online textbook rental available; students provide lab materials) 450191 1 View
*Environmental Science (students provide textbook) 450193 .5 View
*Human Anatomy and Physiology (students provide textbook) 450197 1 View
*Physical Science (online textbook rental available; students provide lab materials)   1 View
*Physics   1 In development
*AP Biology 450248 1 In development
*AP Physics 1 450249 1 In development
Social Studies      
7th Grade Early World History (online textbook rental available)     In development
8th Grade Early US History (online textbook rental available)     In development
*Mississippi Studies (print and online textbook rental available) 450198 .5 View
*Intro to World Geography (students provide textbook) 450313 .5 View
*World History (students provide textbook) 450312 1 View
*US History (students provide textbook) 450311 1 View
*US Government (online textbook included) 450310 .5 View
*Economics (no textbook required) 450192 .5 View
*African-American History (no textbook required) 450320 1 View
*History of the Ancient Middle East (no textbook required) 450196 1 View
*Humanities (students provide textbook) 450262 .5 View
Problems in American Democracy (students provide textbook) 450265 .5 View
*Psychology (online textbook included) 450266 .5 View
*Sociology (online textbook included) 450303 .5 View
*Survey of World Religions (no textbook required) 450270 1 View
*Advanced World Geography (online textbook included)   1 View
*AP World History: Modern (students provide textbook) 450246 1 In development
Fine Arts      
Art Appreciation (students provide textbook)   .5 View
Art History (students provide textbook) 500104 1 View
Digital Photography I (no textbook required) 450220 .5 View
Digital Photography II (no textbook required) 450221 .5 View
Music Appreciation (no textbook required)   .5 View
Theater, Cinema and Film (no textbook required) 450340 .5 View
Business and Technology      
Accounting Fundamentals (students provide textbook) 450185 1 View
Business Law (students provide textbook)   .5 View
Cyber Foundations I (no textbook required) 450241 1 View
Entrepreneurship (no textbook required) 450230 .5 View
Personal Finance (students provide textbook) 450300 .5 View
AP Computer Science Principles (no textbook required) 450240 1 In development
Health and Physical Education      
Contemporary Health (students provide textbook) 450190 .5 View
Physical Education (students provide textbook) 450264 .5 View
Foreign Languages      
*German I (students provide textbook) 450195 1 View
*Spanish I (no textbook required) 450304 1 View
*Spanish II (no textbook required) 450305 1 View
*Spanish III (no textbook required) 450306 1 View
Other Courses      
ACT Prep (students provide textbook) 450184 .5 View
College & Career Readiness (no textbook required)   1 In development
Creative Writing (no textbook required)   .5 View
Fashion and Interior Design (no textbook required)   .5 View
Mythology (students provide textbook)   .5 View
Nutrition and Wellness (no textbook required) 450242 .5 View
SAT Prep (students provide textbook) 450302 .5 View
Senior Advisory (no textbook required)   .25 View

The UMHS is not responsible for determining if pre-requisites have been met prior to taking a course. It is the student's responsibility to work with an advisor prior to enrollment to determine if he/she is eligible to earn credit for a course. No refunds will be issued outside of the refund policy due to prerequisites not being met prior to enrollment.

All students should follow the outlined UMHS proctor policy as outlined under the Policies tab.

Minimum completion period
A student may not complete a course in fewer than four weeks for a half unit course and six weeks for a full unit course from the date the first written work is received at the University of Mississippi High School without advance permission from the administration.

Final Grades
A final numerical grade will be sent to the student's local school, as applicable, upon completion of the course and schools will assign the equivalent letter grade based on their own grading scale.

Grade Reports
Upon completion of a course, students should complete a Grade Report Request Form for the transcript to be mailed to their local school. Schools will only receive official documentation of the student’s final grade after the course is completed. Schools will not be updated on a student’s status in the class, unless requested by the student in writing. Parents will receive a progress report monthly via email.

Course Registration
Click the link below to complete all of the necessary information for course registration. After you choose your courses, you will be taken to a link to pay via credit card or check.

Register Now! Returning Students Blackboard

Within two days, you will receive a Welcome email with directions on how to submit the Local School Approval Form and the Parent Agreement Form. The two documents will be sent with the Welcome email or you may download them here.

Returning students should click on the Register Now link and click on the link for Returning Student. Students will need their WebID and passwords.

The fee for a 1 unit course is $375. The fee for a ½ unit course is $250. The fee for a 1 unit AP course is $425. The fee for a ½ unit AP course is $300.

School districts should contact our office regarding multiple-student discounts.

Courses for Seniors
All courses needed to meet graduation requirements for the current school year MUST be completed by two weeks prior to the school’s deadline for graduation. This deadline ensures all documentation arrives at the school in time for graduation. This deadline does not apply if the student is not graduating during the current school year.