Students will take Problems in American Democracy, a course designed to give students a greater awareness of the issues and problems facing the United States today. Its emphasis is on analysis of issues, situations, and problems with the goal of fostering positive appreciation and desired resolution. This course is part of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) curriculum framework and covers the curriculum as designed by MDE. Students that successfully complete the course will receive 1/2 high school Carnegie credit from The University of Mississippi.

Instructors working with the group are certified high school teachers with reputations for excellence in teaching.

A portion of the class will be conducted online via the University of Mississippi High School prior to the residential component of the program.

Residential Life


Students will be housed with other students attending our summer programs in a university residence hall designated specifically for them with counselors selected to work with their age group. Counselors are outstanding UM students who have been trained to supervise minors on campus. After class each day, students will participate in recreational activities led by counselors, familiarizing themselves with the many resources available on a college campus.

What Students are Saying

Former participants have shared their feedback with us. Take a look!

“The program helped me realize what it really does take to be a leader, and I got to connect with peers throughout the entire state.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2017

“I got a taste of what it would be like to go to college; that definitely increased my knowledge and awareness so that when I get there, I will have had some experience.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2018

“I am walking out a more confident individual compared to when I walked in. I feel like I’ve had a little taste of college life due to the atmosphere and working on projects with friends.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2018