Opportunity Track

The New JumpStart Experience

Make friends, meet mentors, and figure college out before fall semester begins. JumpStart Opportunity is new to the JumpStart family of programs, having begun in Summer 2023. JumpStart Opportunity takes a deep dive into the specific skill sets needed for student success – academic, wellness, and social. The goal of JumpStart Opportunity is for students to build support systems and also gain the knowledge and tools they need to succeed as a new college student while they navigate college life at Ole Miss.

Benefits of JumpStart Opportunity

  • Earn six (6) credit hours
  • Receive full tuition scholarship for summer session
  • Take courses specifically curated for Opportunity Track (see below)
  • Build support systems for mental emotional wellness
  • Gain skills needed for academic success
  • Learn about critical university resources available to Ole Miss students
  • Learn more about life at Ole Miss and Oxford
  • Create new relationships with peers, faculty, and staff ahead of freshman year

Track Eligibility

Track Course Options

JumpStart Opportunity students will choose two, 3-credit-hour courses (six credits total) for June or July session. Students with Developmental Studies (DS) holds will need to enroll in the appropriate DS course recommended by their academic advisor.

JumpStart Opportunity students will choose two, 3-credit-hour courses (six credits total) for June or July session. Students with Developmental Studies (DS) holds will need to enroll in the appropriate DS course recommended by their academic advisor.

Below are the various course options for the Opportunity Track:

G St 201 — Introduction to Gender Studies
POL 101 — Introduction to American Politics
PHIL 103 — Logic: Critical Thinking
SOC 101 — Introductory Sociology I
SPCH 102 — Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Costs and Financial Aid

Track Cost Estimate

Program and track costs below are estimates and may not reflect final expenses. Estimates are based on Summer 2023 costs.

Fee Typical Cost What you Pay After Scholarship
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $100 $100
Tuition  $2,313 $0
Non-Resident Fee  $2,313 $0
Classic Program Fee $400 $100
Housing $540 $540
Capital Improvement Fee $25 $25
TOTAL $3,378 - $5,691 $765

Additional fees: course fees, books, meal plan, and miscellaneous fees vary by student and are NOT reflected in the cost estimate above.

Explanation of Terms

The following chart provides explanation of the fees and other charges incurred during the summer.

Registration Fee A non-refundable fee paid at time of online registration.
Program Fee A fee used to support programming charged to a student’s UM Bursar account for each session enrolled.
Housing Standard summer rate for double-occupancy rooms.
Meal Plan Variable; must enroll via Ole Miss ID Center
Health Insurance For international students only.
Capital Improvement Fee A university fee charged per course.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students interested in obtaining financial aid should complete the Summer Financial Aid application on myOleMiss and visit the University of Mississippi Financial Aid website for information on available aid opportunities.

JumpStart Scholarships

JumpStart Opportunity offers ALL students enrolled in the track a full-tuition scholarship (including non-resident fee) for each summer session enrolled with JumpStart. Registrants for JumpStart Opportunity must meet the track’s eligibility requirements to qualify for the scholarship.

Note: This scholarship is not available to JumpStart Classic participants. Partner program students may receive a partial scholarship (see program emails for details).

To maintain eligibility for the scholarship, students are required to:

  • maintain a six (6) credit-hour course schedule (2 classes) in First or Second Summer Sessions;
  • attend all workshops planned during the session; and
  • attend community meetings with a JumpStart Peer Leader.

What happens if I drop a class or don’t attend JumpStart workshops and events? If a student does not comply or follow through with the set requirements for JumpStart, the JumpStart Office will rescind the scholarship award, and the student will be responsible for any and all expenses incurred on the student's Bursar account.

The JumpStart Opportunity Scholarship is uploaded AFTER a student’s eligibility has been verified PLUS verification of attendance to the summer session’s JumpStart KickOff session and check-in with a JumpStart Peer Leader. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for the scholarship to appear on the student's financial aid package.

To ensure the scholarship is applied to their account, students will be directed to:

  • complete the Summer Financial Aid application on myOleMiss; and
  • accept the JumpStart Scholarship on myOleMiss.

Federal Aid and FAFSA

Federal aid may be available for domestic students who qualify, but students must complete a 2023-2024 FAFSA by June 30, 2024, in order to determine eligibility for the June session of JumpStart. We recommend that July session students reserve their FAFSA 2024-2025 awards for fall and spring semester expenses.  

Note: This is not the 2024-2025 FAFSA that you completed for the Fall 2024/Spring 2025 academic year. The FAFSA application can be found on the University of Mississippi Financial Aid homepage. The University of Mississippi school code is 002440.  

A FAFSA is NOT required to receive the JumpStart Opportunity Scholarship.

Cancellations and Refunds

The online registration fee for JumpStart is non-refundable. Registered students that need to cancel their summer enrollment will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Drop from all registered courses before the Add/Drop Course Deadline for a session;
  2. Cancel Summer Student Housing reservation; and
  3. Send written notification of withdrawal to jumpstart@olemiss.edu. Please include your full name and student ID number.

JumpStart is NOT responsible for course withdrawals or fees incurred on a student’s UM Bursar account.

Program Experience

The purpose of JumpStart is to help incoming freshmen with the transition from high school to college life and provide a positive experience to “jumpstart” their college career at Ole Miss. JumpStart is a residential experience during the summer — a place for students to experience the Ole Miss campus on a smaller scale before the Fall rush.

Student Housing

JumpStart students are REQUIRED to live in designated residence halls during each session. JumpStart students must sign up for summer housing on myOleMiss. This application is separate from the online JumpStart application and from the fall housing application. The JumpStart program does not coordinate or determine housing assignments. The housing application typically opens in early April.

Students are encouraged to contact the Department of Student Housing with any issues or concerns.

Meal Plan

Jumpstart students are encouraged to enroll in a summer meal plan through the ID Center and Ole Miss Dining Services. This plan will be loaded on the student's Ole Miss ID card.

For more information on purchasing a meal plan or using the Ole Miss ID, please visit the Ole Miss ID center's website. For more information on campus dining, dates and times, and nutrition information, visit Ole Miss Dining’s website.

Student Health

Student Health — Students have access to theStudent Health Center in the V.B. Harrison Building on campus. The Student Health Center offers a range of services to UM students. For more information, please visit the UM Student Health Center’s website.  

Mental Health Students have access to the mental health services provided by the University Counseling Center and their staff of counselors. For more information on their services, please visit the University Counseling Center’s website.