The most important aspect of JumpStart is the academic success of our students. Students are able to take any courses for which they are eligible under the advisement of their assigned academic advisor.

We highly recommend students take courses that meet the general education requirements for their degree program. We do not recommend taking more advanced courses due to the shortened duration of the summer sessions.

Credit Hour Requirements: JumpStart students must register for at least six (6) credit hours in First or Second Summer Sessions. Exceptions to the credit hour requirement are made only for students enrolled in intensive modern language programs (Arabic, Chinese, etc.), which are comprised of five-(5)-credit-hour courses.

JumpStart staff are NOT able to register students for summer courses. See below for more information on how to connect with your academic advisor.

Please note that any courses recommended on the JumpStart website are based on general recommendations and do not reflect the actual course offerings during a given summer session.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors assist students with selecting the courses they need to start and complete their undergraduate degree program. For most students, academic advisors will advise incoming freshmen to take courses in the general education curriculum or pre-requisites for major-related courses.

Students are required to meet with an academic advisor at Ole Miss Freshman Orientation before starting a session of JumpStart. During Orientation, students will also register for their Summer and Fall course schedules.

Academic Common Market

Students enrolled in certain degree programs that are not offered in their home state may be attending the University of Mississippi under the Academic Common Market program. Under this program, out-of-state students can attend the University at the in-state rate. Some students who do not meet program minimum qualifications take prescribed courses through JumpStart in order to meet requirements for fall semester.

For more information on the Academic Common Market program.

Course Formats

JumpStart students are limited to classes taught in particular formats. The purpose of this restriction is to ensure students gain the full experience of the residential program. A course’s format can be found on the Course Schedule in myOleMiss.

JumpStart students are not allowed to register for online, web, or iStudy (independent study) course formats to meet program requirements.

Developmental Studies (DS)

Students need an ACT score of 17 or SAT evidence-based reading and writing of 470 to place out of developmental reading or English. For math, students need an ACT math score of 19 or revised SAT math of 510 to place out of developmental math.

For more information about Developmental Studies (DS), contact the Developmental Studies Office at

Partner Programs

JumpStart students may also enroll in one of our partnership programs. Students dual enrolled in both programs will have a different set of expectations than the general JumpStart student population. This means information sent to students via email may not fully apply as our office does not differentiate our emails between programs or majors.

Current partner programs include:

  • Grove Scholars
  • Flagship Chinese or Arabic Programs

Both Grove Scholars and Flagship Chinese or Arabic students qualify for a partial tuition scholarship. They should enroll in JumpStart Classic.