Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to view the answer. The information listed below is for the general population of JumpStart. Some requirements may not apply to those in partnership programs like the Flagship Chinese or Arabic Programs or Grove Scholars.

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Yes, students can register for multiple sessions of JumpStart.

NO. JumpStart KickOff is an orientation that students are REQUIRED to attend on the same day they move in for the summer session. Ole Miss Freshman Orientation is an orientation for the entire University and is REQUIRED for ALL freshmen, including JumpStart students. Students cannot go through JumpStart without attending Freshman Orientation first. Students must register for Ole Miss Freshman Orientation via myOleMiss when it opens in early March.

YES. ALL students are REQUIRED to attend a Freshman Orientation session before entering the University of Mississippi. This is a critical part of the Ole Miss experience. This is the time for students to take care of any final business to get ready for the fall and more importantly SIGN UP for Fall and SUMMER classes!

JumpStart students must attend Freshman Orientation before beginning JumpStart.

No. Students are REQUIRED to attend a Freshman Orientation session before attending the first summer session of JumpStart. Orientation is when students meet with their academic advisor and register for both summer and fall courses. JumpStart cannot register students for their summer classes.

The only exception is students participating the Flagship Chinese or Arabic programs. The partnering office will coordinate with students that need to attend Freshman Orientation in the middle of a summer session.

No. The problem is that the student would not be enrolled in their summer courses. It is important to be mindful that one course day in summer session is equivalent to almost a typical week of information in a regular Fall/Spring semester. Missing 2-3 days in some summer courses can be equal to missing a half-month of content and assignments and could result in a drop of letter grade for the course.

This is no longer recommended for summer JumpStart students. Students are encouraged to enroll in fall EDHE 105 sections for the full semester-long EDHE experience.

Absolutely YES! Students are responsible for any and all summer charges on their Bursar account. If you have been notified of acceptance to the JumpStart program but do not give notice to the office of your withdrawal, the office will not know to take you off the roster and you will be charged the full program cost.

You need to immediately contact the JumpStart program. If not, you risk losing your JumpStart Scholarship for non-participation. It is the student’s responsibility to participate in mandatory program activities. Email

Residential program information applies to all students. The only difference for partnership program students is that if a partnership program has a scheduling conflict, partnership program events take precedence over JumpStart's scheduled events. So, if Grove Scholars has a special presenter during a scheduled JumpStart workshop session, students would attend the Grove Scholars event.

Sorry, the JumpStart office is unable to register students for summer courses. Students are required to attend a session of Ole Miss Freshman Orientation and meet with an academic advisor before they can register for courses. You should share your course requirement concerns with your advisor during this meeting.

No. JumpStart is a summer program for incoming freshmen to help students get a head start on the fall semester and build academic skill sets. FASTrack is a first-year experience learning community for incoming freshmen that starts in the fall. We highly encourage students to check out FASTrack.


No. JumpStart is a program that compliments the courses taken by our students by providing programming that is designed to help students succeed in college.

That’s a good question. Decisions on summer and fall course schedules will be made by the student and their academic advisor during an Ole Miss Freshman Orientation session before JumpStart begins. JumpStart does not advise students on which courses to take. However, we do offer a list of courses we recommend.

The JumpStart Opportunity Track page lists the course options recommended specifically for students enrolled in the track.

Note: The below list of courses is for information purposes only and not representative of actual courses offered during the upcoming summer.

BISC 102/103 - Inquiry into Life (Lecture/Lab)
CHEM 105/115 - General Chemistry I (Lecture/Lab)

MATH 115 - Elementary Statistics
MATH 121 - College Algebra
MATH 123 - Trigonometry
MATH 125 - Basic Math for Science and Engineering

HST 120 - History of Europe to 1648
HST 121 - History of Europe since 1648
HST 130 - The United States to 1877
HST 131 - The United States since 1877

PHIL 101 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 103 - Logic: Critical Thinking
REL 101 - Introduction to Religion

Social Sciences
POL 101 - Introduction to American Politics
PSY 201 - General Psychology
PSY 202 - Elementary Statistics
ANTH 101 - Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology I

Fine Arts
MUS 103 - Introduction to Music
DANC 200 - Dance Appreciation
THEA 201 - Appreciation of the Theatre
AH 201 - History of Art I
AH 202 - History of Art II

ASTR 101 - Astronomy I
HP 203 – First Aid and CPR
LA 201 - Introduction to Law
SPCH 102 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking
SPCH 105 - Business and Professional Speech

You can, BUT not in the JumpStart program. The JumpStart Program requires students to enroll in at least six (6) credit hours for either first or second summer session.

You can, BUT not in the JumpStart program. The JumpStart program is only available in first and second summer sessions.

No. For the purposes of the JumpStart Program, students must be enrolled in synchronous course formats. For the residential experience, students must enroll in “live,” face-to-face sections or hybrid sections.


There is a $100 registration fee when you submit the online JumpStart application. For a full breakdown of our program costs, please visit the appropriate track page:

This fee is a registration and programming fee for the JumpStart program. This fee funds the processing of the student's application and summer programming for the students. Our office operates entirely off these fees to provide peer leaders, social events, and a better programming experience. This fee is NOT a deposit on tuition, course fees, and other expenses.

No. Unless you are expecting federal aid during the summer, you do not need to fill out the previous year's FAFSA.

This form notifies the Office of Financial Aid that you are expecting to receive Financial Aid from the JumpStart office via the Division of Outreach. This form can be found on myOleMiss.

No, this information is now outdated. As of October 2022, JumpStart was redesigned to meet the needs of the student population entering the University of Mississippi, resulting in two tracks – Classic and Opportunity. Eligible students enrolled in the JumpStart Opportunity Track receive the JumpStart Opportunity Scholarship. Students enrolled in partner programs (Flagship Chinese or Arabic, Grove Scholars) will also receive partial scholarships while enrolled in JumpStart Classic.

Eligible students enrolled in the JumpStart Opportunity Track receive the JumpStart Opportunity Scholarship. Classic Track students are not eligible for the JumpStart Scholarship unless they are enrolled in Grove Scholars or Flagship Chinese or Arabic programs.

Eligible students will not receive the JumpStart scholarship until after they have attended the JumpStart KickOff and their eligibility verified. Once we have confirmed the student has attended the KickOff session and is eligible, we then give that list to our scholarship coordinator, who verifies that students are enrolled for a minimum of 6 hours (5 hours if in Modern Languages) and then uploads the scholarship to the student's financial aid package. This process typically takes up to one week to complete due to the number of students in the program.

You may receive a Bursar Bill before then asking for you to pay your bill. The amount of the scholarship is listed on the Costs and Financial Aid sections of each track website (below). You may pay the entire bill, let the scholarship reach the student's account and receive a refund via check or direct deposit from the Bursar's office, or pay all fees minus the scholarship amount.

JumpStart students are encouraged to enroll in a summer meal plan through the ID Center and Ole Miss Dining Services. This plan will be loaded on the student's Ole Miss ID card.

For more information on purchasing a meal plan or using the Ole Miss ID, please visit the Ole Miss ID center's website. For more information on campus dining, dates and times, and nutrition information, visit Ole Miss Dining’s website.

The JumpStart office applies scholarships per session, meaning that students will need to accept a scholarship for each term that he or she is participating in JumpStart.

Yes. Students that do not actively participate in the programming, community, and/or fail to communicate with peer leaders and staff will have their scholarship revoked at the end of the session.

Residential Experience

Sorry, the JumpStart Program is unable to answer any questions regarding student housing. Please contact the Department of Student Housing at

No, the online JumpStart application only ensures your spot in the JumpStart program. You must also complete the summer student housing application on the Department of Student Housing’s website, sign the housing contract, and pay the deposit.

Bring a set of XL twin sheets, a pillow, comforter, towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and enough clothing (with comfortable shoes) to last during your time at JumpStart. A full packing list will be emailed to you in advance.