Program Dates

Participants must choose one of the two sessions to attend. Students will be invited by email to complete an application once their nomination form has been received from their school.

Students must submit all application materials prior to January 26, 2024 in order to be considered by the selection committee. 

Application deadline Move in Classes begin Trip Begins Trip Ends End of the program
June Session January 26, 2024 May 26, 2024 May 27, 2024 June 22, 2024 June 27, 2024 June 28, 2024
July Session January 26, 2024 June 23, 2024 June 24, 2024 July 20, 2024 July 25, 2024 July 26, 2024

Both sessions’ move-in begins at 1:00 pm. A brief welcome and orientation for both parents and students will occur at 3:30 pm. After orientation, students will begin their program activities.

Participants may depart campus on the last day of planned activities with the program.

Program Costs

Scholarships are awarded to all students selected for the Lott Leadership Summer Institute. The scholarships cover the majority of student costs, including tuition. The costs described below will not be covered by scholarships.

Note: Scholarships can be rescinded if a student does not participate fully in the program, including weekly and weekend required activities.

The following costs will be charged only upon acceptance to the program:

  • $100 non-refundable registration fee to reserve a space in the program. Due upon acceptance.
  • $900 program fee due prior to arrival on campus.
  • Students selected to the Lott Leadership Summer Institute for High School Students will receive a scholarship to cover the costs of room, board, tuition, and travel.
  • $350 mandatory TB test and medical insurance ONLY for International students

Additional costs:

  • Estimated weekend meals/spending money: $250

Students selected to participate are strongly encouraged to fundraise the required funds themselves rather than paying out of pocket. This is a leadership-building exercise that is part of the program experience. Financial constraints should not be a deterrent to applying for and successfully completing the program. Please use our Fundraising Guide to help you get started. 

What Students are Saying

Former participants have shared their feedback with us. Take a look!

“I had a great experience that I wish every single rising senior in the nation could experience. It is something I will never forget.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2017

“I will always recommend my peers to do this program - whether they are interested in public policy or not - because it left such an impact on me.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2018

“The people I've met there I will always hold close to my heart. The Lott Leadership program was without a doubt the best 5 weeks of my life.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2018