• Dyamon Brown from Columbia, MS
    “Having consistent meetings with IE staff was very helpful
    in learning how to search for internships, how to approach
    companies and owners, and how to live in your city.”
    Dyamon Brown
    Internship: Synapse, LLC
  • Cindy Nguyen from Southaven, MS
    “I had a great experience with this program. It has helped me
    in so many ways to not only prepare me for this internship but
    for starting my career after I graduate. It was very stressful
    securing my internship but it was a good experience to have
    to learn how to be professional and successful.”
    Cindy Nguyen
    Internship: Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project at George Washington University
  • De’ Jour Fox from Brookhaven, MS
    “The Internship Experience provided some helpful ways to make
    myself a more marketable candidate for future positions.
    The courses have helped me have a more professional portfolio
    and also given me the training needed for interview settings.”
    De’ Jour Fox
    Internship: Shadowed entrepreneurs and FIT faculty
  • Lillian Salem from Belden, MS
    “All the IE staff were such great help. My favorite part of
    internship preparation was the mock interview because
    now it is a lot easier to answer interview questions.”
    Lillian Salem
    Internship: Wieloch Realty Group
  • Morgan Cofield from Madison, MS
    “I feel like I got a lot done within meetings with IE staff,
    and I was always learning about something new whether it be
    tips and tricks to interviewing skills, new internship positions
    that had opened and life skills for when we make the transition.”
    Morgan Cofield
    Internship: Phillip Lim 31
  • William Bartel from Harvest, AL
    “This program helped me a lot because I was unsure of
    what a good resume or cover letter even looked like before
    I went through this program.”
    William Bartel
    Internship: International Association of Iron Workers

Whatever your starting point, the UM Internship Experience will help you maximize your summer internship

The UM Internship Experience (UMIE) is a year-long internship exploration program for rising juniors and seniors studying in any major at the University of Mississippi. UMIE staff guide and support you through a program that combines professional development, skill enhancement, and professional coaching through experiences like networking events, guest speakers, a peer community, mentorship, embedded coursework. We meet you where you are – whether you’re new to resume writing or already have a summer internship lined up. UMIE is here to help you make the most of your internship exploration, preparation, and experience!

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Our Partners


UM Alumni illuminate the path to success for UM Internship Experience students by serving as mentors, advisors, sponsors, and even internship employers as students explore, prepare for, and participate in summer internships nationwide. Alumni can help students make the transition from campus to career and can help support the UMIE program by hosting events and donating to the UM Internship Experience scholarship fund to increase access to internship opportunities. Want to give back to the Ole Miss student community? Let us know how you’d like to be involved.


Internship employers are central to the UM Internship Experience. You can offer opportunities for interns to explore their field of study in a real-world setting, including the discovery of career paths and connections with experienced professionals. UMIE staff interview, coach, and prepare students for a transition into a professional workplace and the program provides structure and intentional support for both students and employers to create a mutually-beneficial summer internship experience. Let us know if a UMIE summer intern might find opportunities within your organization.


The UM Internship Experience staff direct students to departmental internship course work that can enhance their academic experience, while providing UMIE professional development coursework that aides students in transitioning to the workplace and succeeding as an intern. In addition to supporting individual students, UMIE can collaborate with academic departments to provide targeted professional development and major-specific support to help students thrive in summer internships. Let us know how we can collaborate with your department to reach its engaged learning goals.