Dates and Deadlines

Dual Credit is available to students year-round – semester-based or asynchronous (via iStudy). Below are the semesters available to Dual Credit students. The two-week intersessions (Winter, May, and August) are also available, but not recommended for new students.

Complete new student applications are due at least 30 days before the semester/session starts. Early applications for both new and returning students are highly encouraged as popular course options tend to fill up quickly. Our office does not guarantee students will be enrolled in a selected course and section as course sections may reach capacity before a student can be registered.

Late applications will be processed, but the Office of Pre-College Programs cannot guarantee students will be able to start classes on time.

Semester Session Dates NEW Applicant Deadline RETURNING Applicant Deadline*
Spring Session 2024 January 22-May 10 December 1, 2023 January 5, 2024
Full Summer Session 2024 May 28-July 26 April 1, 2024 April 30, 2024
First Summer Session 2024 May 28-June 25 April 1, 2024 April 30, 2024
Second Summer Session 2024 June 27-July 26 April 1, 2024 April 30, 2024
iStudy – Flex Option Anytime July 20, 2024 August 1, 2024
Fall Semester 2024 August 26-December 13 July 15, 2024 July 31, 2024

*A $100 rushed processing fee will be charged for late application submissions


Below is a cost estimate for a typical 6-credit-hour course schedule before scholarship. Some fee amounts will vary from semester-to-semester and class-to-class.

Fees Summer Fall/Spring
UM Undergraduate Application Fee (one-time fee) $40 (MS Resident)
$60 (Non-MS Resident)
$40 (MS Resident)
$60 (Non-MS Resident)
Tuition (6-credit hour course schedule) $2,313 $2,313
Non-resident Fee $2,313 $4,392
Capital Improvement Fee $25 $25
Course Fees* $200 $200
TOTAL $2,578 - $4,911 $2,578 - $6,990

*Course fees vary based on individual class requirements.

Tuition and Fees
A student will be charged for course tuition and any additional course fees through the Office of the Bursar like other UM students. The student is responsible for the purchase of any books and materials required and/or recommended for courses taken.

iStudy Costs
Dual Credit students have the option to take online iStudy classes – flex or semester-based. The costs for iStudy are different than the cost estimate listed above and may be a more budget-friendly option. Students only pay for the application fee, program fee, and in-state tuition, making this a great option for out-of-state students.

Division of Outreach Scholarships
All Dual Credit students receive a half-tuition scholarship towards the in-state tuition from the Division of Outreach upon successful registration of course(s). Non-resident tuition is not covered by scholarships.

Mississippi Dual Enrollment – Dual Credit Scholarship

The new Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Scholarship offered through the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid covers tuition for up to six credit hours (lifetime benefit) at participating institutions, including the University of Mississippi. Students must meet the State’s eligibility requirements and complete the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Scholarship application by the posted application deadline.

This program may be right for you if:

  • You do not have other scholarships available to you for dual credit at the University of Mississippi.
  • You are a Mississippi resident.
  • You will be a high school junior or senior in a Mississippi public or charter school at the time you take the dual credit courses.

Our staff are available to help you evaluate this opportunity.

UM Faculty/Staff
Children of UM faculty and staff members are eligible to receive an additional half-tuition scholarship. To receive this scholarship, please complete the Application for the Child of Faculty/Staff Award and return to the Office of Financial Aid. For more information on this scholarship award, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (800) 891-4596 or email

Please note that both scholarships do not cover any activity, course, online, or any other related fees.

Scholarship Eligibility

To receive a scholarship, dual credit students must be in good standing with the University of Mississippi Office of Pre-College Programs and be enrolled in a college credit course.

For courses in which a student receives scholarships:

Students must complete courses successfully in order to be eligible for scholarships. Students who do not successfully complete a course will not be allowed to take additional courses until they successfully complete a course at their own expense. Failing a course or dropping or withdrawing from a course after the refund date has passed are both considered unsuccessful completions.

Audited courses cannot be covered by scholarships, as this does not qualify as taking a course for college credit.

Students who receive an F or withdraw from a course after the refund date has passed will be unable to enroll in further courses until they successfully complete one at their own cost. After passing a subsequent course with a grade of C- or above, students may apply for a retroactive scholarship for that course and are once again eligible to be awarded scholarships prior to the start of a term.

Appealing the loss of financial aid:
Students who no longer qualify for a dual credit scholarship can request to have their aid reinstated by submitting an appeal. To appeal the loss of financial aid, the student must first send a written appeal to

All financial aid appeals will be reviewed by committee. If a student receives the email stating they have lost their eligibility and must appeal, an appeal must be submitted and approved for their scholarship to be reinstated. This applies regardless of whether they are granted an exclusion or forgiveness for the grade(s) that caused them to drop below the required grade point average.