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Ole Miss-Booneville Awards Scholarships to Corinth-Area Employees

Local workforces of Corinth Alliance members take advantage of tuition benefit while continuing to work

BOONEVILLE, Miss. — Since last fall, $6,000 in scholarships has been awarded to Northeast Mississippians attending the University of Mississippi campus in Booneville (UM-Booneville) through the new North Mississippi Workforce Education incentive program.

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Officials with the Alliance of Corinth formed a collaborative partnership with UM-Booneville in August of 2019 to establish a tuition assistance program specifically for employees of Corinth Alliance membership organizations.

Clayton Stanley, the president of the Corinth Alliance, said that having an educated workforce in Corinth is vitally important to the prosperity of the Corinth community.

“We appreciate so much the partnership we’ve developed with Ole Miss in allowing Alliance members and their employees the opportunity for tuition assistance,” he said.

“This partnership greatly improves access and affordability of higher education, and we are glad that Alliance members are taking advantage of this great member benefit.”

Employees from a variety of Corinth businesses and organizations are taking advantage of this opportunity. There is no cap on how many students can apply from any one workplace.

Funds can be combined with other awards and financial aid to help cover education expenses for both full-time and part-time employees of Corinth Alliance member organizations. Awardees may receive $500 per semester, up to $2,000 total when enrolled at the UM-Booneville campus for at least six credit hours.

Tamulia Salters serves as the associate director of admissions at UM-Booneville.

“We are already seeing this partnership pay off for UM-Booneville students,” she said. “These community members are balancing careers with their education, so the opportunity to reap the benefits of their hard work through this partnership with the Alliance is encouraging.

“It eases the financial burden for the student and further promotes UM-Booneville and the Alliance to the community. It’s an all-around win-win partnership that we hope to continue for years to come.”