Step 1


Are you 65 yrs. or older? If yes, you are eligible to take one academic course (up to 4 hours) tuition-free. You must first apply online to the university as an undergraduate student or a graduate student, depending on the class level you would like to take. This must be done at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the semester. You will need to select “Undecided” unless you plan to pursue a degree. If you apply as a graduate student not planning to pursue a degree, you will need to select “Non-Degree Seeking.”

If already admitted, go to Step 2.

Step 2


Once you have been admitted to the university, you should receive notice of admission. On the first day of class (if taking a class in Oxford on the main campus), you will need to go to the Office of the Registrar (104 Martindale) and meet with the Registration and Records Coordinator in order to register for your class.

It is good practice for you to select at least 3 different classes (browse by dept. if you are not sure of the course number) that you are interested in taking before meeting with the Registration and Records Coordinator.

Be prepared to complete a scholarship application in the office of the Registration and Records Coordinator.

Step 3


After you complete your registration for the class, you will need to secure a parking pass through the Department of Parking and Transportation located in the South Campus Recreation Center (980 Whirlpool Drive, Suite A). You have several options to choose from. There is a cost associated with the parking pass.

If you wish to have your own UM Student ID, you may go to the ID Center located in the lower level of the Rebel Market, 155 Johnson Commons West at your convenience. Your card will be active once you have registered for your class.

Apply for Admissions:
UM Catalog: (Go to the Academics tab, then to the Course Schedule tab.)
Parking & Transportation:

For more information:
Office of the Registrar | Phone: 662-915-7792 |


Do I need to provide the university with my transcript from previous attended universities or colleges?
Yes, only if you are seeking a degree. If you are new admit, you can provide proof of your degree (i.e. copy of degree or an unofficial transcript).

How many classes can I take during a semester?
One class up to (4 academic hours).

Is it possible to just audit a class?
It depends on the approval of the instructor. This must be taken care of prior to your enrollment.

Are all fees included in this scholarship?
No, this is just a tuition-only scholarship.

Do I need to pay an application fee when I apply for admission?
No, the fee is waived.

Who should I contact if I need disability accommodations?
The Office of Disability Services at 662-915-7128 or

What should I take to class?
The instructor will advise you on the first day of class.

Can I use this scholarship for a non-academic credit class?
No, but Outreach offers some non-academic classes at a discount for those over 55.

Where do I need to park in order to get to class?
A campus map is located online. Please check it out in relations to your class building.

Will I get a email address?

Can I use the Turner Center facilities?
Yes, but you will need to have a special decal put on your student ID.

Do I need to be readmitted to the university if there is a skip in enrollment (i.e. attended Fall ‘18 and didn’t attended Spring ‘19)?
Yes, just contact the Office of the Registrar or go to