Virtual Study USA

The COVID-19 pandemic led Study USA staff to develop resilient experiential learning course design strategies. We are committed to offering virtual programs that bring experts and experiences from across the country together to broaden UM students’ knowledge and networks.

Two faculty members piloted Virtual Study USA in Summer 2020 and shared special topics in their academic field with students from many different academic backgrounds.

  • Dr. Randy Wadkins (Chemistry) drew the connection between science and public policy by connecting his class with scientists around the world and politicians at the local, state, and national level. See program information.
  • Dr. Jody Holland (Public Policy) virtually introduced his class to top CEOs attending a conference on leadership and positive-impact companies. Students were able to attend conference sessions and then have their own breakout sessions with these highly sought-after speakers to dig further into topics of interest to students as they develop their own leadership styles and career goals. See program information.

Students in both programs expressed appreciation for the ability to connect with a number of experts at all levels in a more private setting. The Zoom interface allowed students the facetime to learn from these guest speakers and the comfort-level to ask questions and to reach out after the visits for more information and/or opportunities.

Now it’s your turn to get creative and think wide about connecting students to engaging in experiential education in a virtual environment.

Imagine a class where location has no limits.

Imagine a class where technology takes your students behind the scenes of cutting-edge industries and professions.

Imagine a class that is a launchpad for your majors to access internships and find their first professional positions.

Find out more about how to offer this unique opportunity to your students by watching a recording of our faculty infosession or by emailing