Program Dates: June 26 – July 26, 2024 
Move in: June 26, 2024

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The UM Arabic Language Flagship Program offers high school students the opportunity to gain cultural competency and language proficiency through a summer intensive course for beginners in Arabic. Students selected for this competitive program will join a small cohort of dedicated language learners, earning 6 college credits in this month-long session. Arabic has been identified as a critical need language valued by employers and organizations across the globe, so the UM Summer Arabic Language Institute offers students a foundation for advancement in many career pathways.

Immersive classroom instruction and dynamic extracurricular activities afford students opportunities to advance rapidly in their reading, writing, and conversational skills. Faculty and tutors emphasize real-world application through interactive experiences that extend beyond the classroom.

Students live on the Ole Miss campus throughout the session, participating in a larger community of high school students taking college classes during the summer. Supervision and recreational opportunities are provided by Ole Miss Pre-College staff. Weekends and evenings offer students experiences designed to cultivate new interests and deepen their connections with peers.

Why Study Arabic at UM?


“My interest in Arabic began as a child with my father traveling to the Middle East. I became intrigued with that part of the world due to the mystery surrounding the Middle East from our Western cultural filters. I applied to UM because it offered more resources to accomplish my goals.”

Corey FullerArabic Flagship Alum 2016

“Ours is not a big program, and we do what we can to ensure that every student is treated as an individual, whose learning style is as unique as their personality. In this way, we hope to not only teach our students a language, but to help them grow as people, to help them along their journey to reach their potential, and to help them uncover/discover their hidden talents. I realize that not every student will reach a superior rating, but it is our hope that this program will have a positive impact on every student’s life.”

Dr. Allen ClarkDirector of the Arabic Language Program