Summer Program Guidelines

The Office of Pre-College Programs hosts a wide variety of academic programs and camps during the summer. All students participating in these programs are obliged to comply with the same rules and regulations.

Registration and Orientation

Registration will be held in the lobby of the designated residence hall. Please consult your program’s website for dates and times; however, you will receive an email two weeks prior to your session with updated information about registration, move-in, and orien­tation. Following move-in, there will be a brief orientation for you and your parents. Attendance is mandatory for students and encouraged for parents. After orientation, parents are free to go and you will be given directions about our evening activities and welcome dinner.

Commuter students are also required to attend Orientation and will be dismissed after the icebreaker activities.

Overview of Activities During the Program

The purpose of all our programs is to introduce you to college. Daily schedules are filled with morning and afternoon classes, tours of facilities, teambuilding activities, and more. We have a wide variety of activities planned for you that include sports tournaments, cultural engagement, and recreational activities. If you are a commuter student, you will be dismissed after class is over but may also attend evening activities (please note that dinner is not covered for commuter students).

Attendance at Activities: For you to benefit from the college experience, you are expected to attend all activities, as well as all of your classes. At time you will be given the choice to attend some events or activities, but if you are a residential student, community activities are mandatory.

Dormitory Information:

Middle School Programs (6th - 8th graders)
You will be housed in Hefley Hall (if you are a female) or Deaton Hall (if you are a male). These Residence halls include furnished suites with two beds and two desks. There are bathrooms shared with other residents on each floor. Each floor is equipped with a TV room, a kitchen with a microwave, and some floors have vending machines. Students are allowed to bring their own mini-fridge. For faster Internet, we also recommend bringing your own Internet cord.

High School Programs (9th - 12th graders)
You will be housed in the Residential College South. This Residence includes furnished suites with bathrooms that are shared with only your roommate, wireless Internet, laundry room, and a high technology security system. Each floor is equipped with a TV room and a kitchen with a microwave oven. Each room is equipped with two extra large twin beds, a small refrigerator, two chairs, two desks and two cabinets. These small cabinets are lockable, so bring your own padlock.

You will be given your room assignment at registration. For a more enriching cultural experience, you may be assigned a roommate from a different state, region, or country. Roommate requests are not honored.

The University of Mississippi has strict policies for minors attending summer programs; therefore, all residential students participating in our programs are required to live in the same residence as the rest of the students enrolled in the same program. No independent living arrangements are allowed unless you are a commuter. All students housed in University residences must abide by UM housing rules.

The Short and Sweet Housing No-No LIst:
The below items and actions are not allowed under any circumstances and are grounds for dismissal from the camp, forfeiting all registration fees.

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Smoking
  • Vaping Wquipment and Juuls
  • Weapons
  • Cooking Appliances (Personal Toaster Ovens, George Foreman Style Grills)
  • Pets
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Double-Stick Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Tampering Of Fire Safety Equipment
  • Removal Of Furniture From Rooms Or Common Areas
  • Hanging Or Throwing Things Out Windows
  • Damaging Walls
  • Damaging Furniture
  • Damaging Vending Machines
  • Fighting
  • Stealing
  • Vandalism
  • Harassment
  • Hall Sports
  • and Loud Noises

You will be responsible for any damage to your room during your stay at the University. If you have any accidental damage, please notify your counselors immediately.


A meal plan is required for all residential students. The meal plan we have selected allows you to have 3 meals a day from Monday to Thursday and 2 meals on Friday at the Rebel Market. Your meal plan is loaded on a card that you will receive at registration.

If you are a commuter student, you will receive a meal plan that allows you to have lunch at the Rebel Market. Please visit your program’s website for details about your meal plan.

What to Bring

You should bring linens for an extra-long twin bed, personal hygiene items and toiletries (shampoo, towels, etc), shower shoes (flip flops), and cleaning supplies. We also recommend you to bring school supplies such as notebooks and pens. You can bring your own computer and printer, although you will also be allowed to use the computer labs on campus. For safety reasons, do not bring jewelry, a lot of cash, or other valuable items. We also suggest you to pack comfortable summer clothes and sportswear such as swimsuit, tennis shoes, etc. For more information, please check your program’s website.

Leaving Campus during the Program

Due to the amount of activities we host during the week, we strongly discourage requests to leave campus on weekdays.

Personal Vehicles

If you bring your automobile, you must obtain a parking permit. The use of your automobile while in attendance to the program will be limited to traveling home on weekends and only with the permission of your parents and the Director’s approval. You cannot drive your car at any other time. Keys to your car should be turned in to your counselors as soon as unpacking is completed. We will take you where you need to go off campus, including weekly Walmart runs if staying for two-week and one-month programs.


Due to the strenuous schedule of activities during the program, off-campus visitors are not allowed during the week. For all students’ safety, no visitors are allowed in the students’ rooms, including parents, family members, and friends, unless they are assisting with move-in or move-out. Visitors are allowed in the common areas of the residence hall.

Transportation to and from Campus

You may reach the University by taxi or private automobile. The closest airport is the Memphis International Airport located in Memphis, TN. We will provide student shuttles for $25 each way as long as your flight does not arrive later than 10:00 pm or before 6:00 am. If you plan to arrive by plane, please see our online shuttle request form.

Religious Worship Services

Individual preferences for church/religious services will be honored. Arrangements to attend Sunday services should be made with one of your counselors or staff. Oxford has a Mosque, but not a Synagogue. (For students participating two-week and one-month programs.)


In the event of an emergency between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (CST) please call our office at 662-915-7621. If the emergency happens after hours or during the weekend, please call the emergency number that will be provided during orientation. If an emergency occurs on campus, you must contact a counselor, staff, or the Director immediately. Contact lists for the staff and other emergency numbers will be given at regis­tration and orientation.