Academic Structure

EdStart is designed to offer students an introduction to the field of education. The EdStart cohort takes one required class together, described below. For the second course, students may choose one of the listed options.

Required Courses

EDFD 209: Foundations of American Education. This course is an overview of the field of education for the non-major. Emphasis will be on the role of education in society as seen through the lens of history, social movements, current events, teaching, and learning. This course deals with the theoretical frameworks and historical policies of American education. Special attention is paid to important figures in Mississippi and nationally that influenced the evolution of schools.

In addition, students will choose one of the following courses:
PSY 201. General Psychology. Explore individual development, motivation, emotion, motor function, sensory and neural functions, intelligence, learning, perceiving, thinking, social behavior, and personality.    

SOC 101. Introduction to Sociology. Learn to analyze society and better understand how individuals are shaped by powerful social forces. Explore how groups create meaning through everyday interaction; how power functions in important social institutions such as the economy, politics, education, and the family; how inequality is maintained and resisted; and how social change occurs.