Bachelor of Elementary Education

2 (NEMCC) + 2 (UMB) Curriculum

With SPED Endorsement and concentrations in two 7-12 subject areas that can lead to teaching endorsements

This curriculum reflects course suggestions to fulfill requirements for the Bachelor of Psychology degree at UM-Booneville. Degree and admission requirements are subject to change. This curriculum may not reflect the requirements of Associate of Arts programs at NEMCC. Consult your academic advisor for associate’s degree requirements.

Due to changes to the Elementary Education program, students from NEMCC should complete the 48 hours comprised of the core and general education requirements above BEFORE transferring. A maximum of 62 semester hours of community college transfer credit may be applied to the Elementary Education degree, meaning students will have 14 hours that may be transferred in addition to the core and general education requirements. Students should use the remaining 14 transfer hours to fulfill concentration hours in science, social studies, or English. It is STRONGLY suggested that students complete the full 62 hours before transferring.

Core Curriculum

Freshman and Sophomore courses available from Northeast Mississippi Community College

English 12
ENG 1113 – English Composition I  
ENG 1123 – English Composition II  
Social/Behavioral Science 12
Any course with SOC or POL (PSC) prefix  
Any two History courses  
GEO 1113 – World Geography  
Mathematics and Sciences 15
MAT 1313 – College Algebra or more advanced math (MAT 2323 will not fulfill requirement)  
Physical Science with lab (must choose from: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, or Physical Science)  
Biological Science with lab (Choose any science listed as BIO except BIO 1613 Nutrition)  
Science Elective – lab not required (Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology or Physical Science not already taken)  
Humanities and Fine Arts 9
Any two literatures (American I or II, English (British) I or II, or World I or II)  
Fine Art (Choose one 3-hour Art, Music, or Theatre Appreciation course)  
General Education Core (Available at NEMCC) 9
MAT 1723 – The Real Number System (recommended before transfer)  
MAT 1733 – Geometry, Measurement, and Probability (recommended before transfer)  
ENG 2923 – Writing for Publication (WRIT 250- recommended before transfer, but can be taken after)  

** A maximum of 62 hours of community college credit may be applied toward a Bachelor of Arts in Education- Elementary Education degree at The University of Mississippi.

Concentration Areas

(hours will vary according to concentration choices)

Two areas of concentration are required. Both concentrations require a minimum of 18 hours. Courses taken in the core and general education areas will count toward concentrations. Concentrations can lead to 7-12 subject teaching endorsements (21 hours).

Endorsements include classes taken during senior year Fall “Block”, so must complete program to earn

  • English (3 hours in addition to what is listed in the core for 7-12 endorsement)
  • Early Childhood (12 semester hours need for endorsement) - online only. Courses required. (EDEC 320, 321, 323, and 324) EDEC 320 will be taken Fall Semester of your first year.
  • Mathematics (9 hours in addition to the core and general education for 7-8 endorsement; to get 9-12 endorsement 18-21 hours in addition to core is required)
  • Natural Science (6-7 hours in addition to what is listed in the core for 7-8 endorsement). For specific subject (ex: Chemistry) 21 hours in area.
  • Social Studies (6 hours in addition to what is listed in the core for 7-12 endorsement), choose from: anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, psychology, southern studies, or gender studies). Courses must have correct prefix to count in area.

The University of Mississippi-Booneville

Junior and Senior Level Curriculum for Elementary Education

First semester, Junior year (Phase I) – 20 hours
EDCI 352 Education, Society, and the K-12 Learner (2 hours)
EDRD 355 Early Literacy Instruction I and II (6 hours)
EDSP 308 Introduction to Special Education
EDSP 327 Nature & Needs with Mild/Moderate Disability
EDEC 320 Early Childhood Methods (online)
*WRIT 250 Applied Writing (General Education Core)
*Writ 250 offered at NEMCC (ENG 2923 Writing for Publication) or can be taken the summer between Jr. and Sr. year.

Second semester, Junior year (Phase II TEP) – 18 hours
EDCI 353 Planning and Teaching Strategies for Effective Classroom Practice
EDRD 400 Reading Instruction in the Elementary School
EDSP 407 Organization & Administration of Special Education
EDSP 410 Instructional Strategies for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
ARED 361 Teaching of Art in the Elementary School (General Education Core)
MUS 329 Music for Children (General Education Core)

First semester, Senior year “Block” (Phase II TEP) - 18 hours
EDEL 401 Social Studies in the Elementary School
EDEL 402 Art of Teaching Literacy in the Elementary School
EDEL 403 Mathematics for the Elementary School
EDEL 404 Science in the Elementary School
EDRD 414 Reading Diagnoses and Intervention
EDLE 417 Action Labs in the Elementary School

Second semester, Senior year – (Phase III TEP) – 12-15 hours
EDLE 464 Student Teaching: Elementary Education (9 hours)
EDCI 419 Effective Classroom Management for Teachers
*No more than one additional course may be taken this semester to finish a concentration or endorsement.

Testing & Program Entrance Requirements

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required to enter education coursework and a cumulative GPA or core GPA of 2.75 is required to enter Phase II TEP of the Elementary Education program. Please be aware that GPA’s may change after transferring due to differences in calculation methods between colleges.

The University of Mississippi-Tupelo/Booneville strongly recommends that students provide test scores before transferring and especially if applying for scholarships. Passing scores for the Praxis CORE, ACT, or SAT (see requirements below) are required for admission into Phase II TEP and for most education scholarships with the exception of the 3.00 overall GPA criteria.

For admission into education coursework (Phase II), meet ONE of the following testing or GPA criteria:

  • ACT score of at least 21 composite,
  • OR SAT score of at least 990 (reading and math),
  • OR Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators:
    • Required scores for exams taken after 9/1/2019 are:
      Reading (156)
      Writing (162)
      Math (130)
  • OR Cumulative (overall) GPA of 3.0 or higher

*Students must have a minimum 60 hours of coursework completed before using the GPA exemption for test score). [Please note: cumulative GPA is calculated using all hours, even if hours exceed 60]

Background Checks
All candidates in the School of Education must have a background check performed prior to beginning field experiences. Background checks can be completed online. A fee of $40 is required. Only one background check is required while in the teacher education program; however, if a candidate is not enrolled at the University of Mississippi for more than two consecutive semesters, a second background check will be required. If a background check reveals a criminal history, the candidate may not be allowed to participate in field experiences, which means he/she will not be able to complete the program.

Admission to Phase II of the Teacher Education Program (TEP)

  1. Completion of core curriculum and EDCI 352
  2. GPA of 2.75 or higher on the Core Curriculum
  3. Appropriate scores on the Praxis I CORE, ACT, SAT OR 3.00 CUMULATIVE (overall) GPA
  4. Phase II forms processed/approved during EDCI 352
  5. Must maintain a “C” or better in all professional education and general education courses
  6. EDCI 352 must be completed with a “C” or better to enroll in EDCI 353

Admission to Phase III of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) – Student Teaching

  1. Admission to the Phase II: Professional Education Core
  2. A minimum grade of “C” in professional education courses. If this minimum of “C” is not met, the course(s) must be retaken before enrolling in the next level of professional education courses
  3. A minimum grade of “C” in content and related fields (secondary majors) and general education courses (elementary and special education majors).
  4. Completion of all core and professional education courses
  5. Completion of teaching and field experience courses (content and related field experiences courses). Completion of 15 hours in residency at The University of Mississippi (includes Tupelo, Desoto, Grenada, and Booneville campus centers). Note: Completion of 30 hours in residency is required for graduation
  6. Completion of courses taken by correspondence for admission to student teaching (grade must be on file prior to admission)
  7. Evidence of professional liability insurance
  8. Evidence of a successful background check
General Requirements for Completing the B. A. E. in Elementary Education:
  1. Minimum Degree Program Total: 124 hours
  2. At least 30 semester hours of residence credit in School of Education (includes UM-Booneville and Tupelo campuses).
  3. No more than 33 semester hours of correspondence and extension credit.
  4. No more than 62 semester hours of transfer credit from the community college to be applied toward the degree.