ADEIL 2019: 27th Annual ADEIL Conference

At the University of Mississippi: Connecting Creatively

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Each year ADEIL meets to explore independent learning and distance education in different geographical regions. Inspired by local scenery and culture, ADEIL members leave the conference recharged with new perspectives, innovative ideas, and expanded professional networks.

ADEIL’s work and mission

ADEIL is a distance education and independent learning association with a twofold purpose: professional development opportunities as well as opportunities for collegiality and interaction. ADEIL’s distinguishing characteristics are its emphasis on independent learning and interaction among members. ADEIL underscores the unique challenges and opportunities of independent (non-cohort based) distance education. ADEIL’s annual conference builds in distinctive social activities before, after, and during the conference to foster the development of relationships among members.

For more information about ADEIL, visit the ADEIL website

Why attend:

  • Explore a charming Southern town with a rich past where creativity and education entwine to form a multicultural energy.
  • Embrace the opportunity to do some blue sky thinking in our green spaces. The Ole Miss campus has been ranked the most beautiful in the U.S.
  • Network and reconnect. Learn something new that you can put right to work.
  • Eat, eat, eat—Oxford’s diverse culinary scene is nationally acclaimed.
  • Immerse yourself in the Oxford arts scene—Thacker Mountain Radio Show, Square Books, museums and galleries, and live music.

Keynote Speaker:

ADEIL and the University of Mississippi are pleased to announce Dr. Joshua Eyler as our keynote speaker for the 27th annual ADEIL conference! Josh Eyler is Director of Faculty Development and Director of the Thinkforward Quality Enhancement Plan at the University of Mississippi, where he is also on the faculty in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. He previously worked on teaching and learning initiatives at Columbus State University, George Mason University, and Rice University. His research interests include the biological basis of learning, evidence-based pedagogy, and disability studies, and he is the author of How Humans Learn: The Science and Stories behind Effective College Teaching. Eyler has published on medieval literature, and his research interests include the biological basis of learning, Chaucer, and disability studies. He has a passion for teaching and working with instructors from many different fields, and is excited to talk to ADEIL conference attendees.


Each year, ADEIL presents awards recognizing outstanding courses at the college and high school levels, staff excellence, and research in distance education and independent learning. If you are a current ADEIL member, we invite you to nominate an outstanding staff member from your institution, colleague in the field, or submit a course or research project. Awards are presented at the annual ADEIL conference. Winners receive a certificate as well as a monetary award and are invited to participate in a round-table discussion of their courses, research, and work.

Submission Deadline for 2019 Awards: September 16, 2019

Nomination information and judging criteria can be found at the ADEIL awards site.


What People are Saying

Former participants have shared their feedback with us. Take a look!

“The location was great and all the pre and post conference activities were engaging and fun. I look forward to becoming an active part of this organization!”

“ADEIL's conference offered plenty of different learning opportunities while still feeling like an intimate gathering - I loved being able to build connections with so many different attendees. I highly recommend the experience!”

“I absolutely loved being on your campus. The people I met and the networking that was accomplished was fantastic. I will plan to attend again.”

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