Session Dates

Session Dates
Wintersession  January 4th - 15th (Exams January 16th)
May Intersession  May 17th - 28th (Exams May 29th)
Full Summer Term  June 1st - July 28th (Exams July 29th and 30th)
First Summer Term  June 1st - 25th (Exams June 28th and 29th)
Second Summer Term  July 1st - 28th (Exams July 29th and 30th)
August Intersession  August 2nd - 13th  (Exams August 14th)

See the UM Academic Calendar

Inclement Weather and School Closings

State law requires that three credit hour courses meet for a certain amount of time. If one day of class is missed due to bad weather, extra time may be added to the remaining days of the session calendar. However, if more than one day is missed, it may be necessary for classes to meet additional days not noted on the published calendar. All decisions about closing the university due to bad weather and about making up time lost will be made by the Provost. Students are encouraged to make their plans with the awareness that make-up days may be required, which may include weekends.

For severe weather notification, sign up for REBALERT through your MyOleMiss account.

For severe weather and campus emergency information visit