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2015 Young Writers’ Workshops

UM Writing Project Young Writers’ Workshops offer students a chance to learn more about themselves and the world around them through writing. Students have an opportunity to

All workshops will be held from 8:30 am-12:00 pm. All camps have a maximum of 15 participants and a minimum of 10.

For more information, call 662-915-7925 or e-mail

June 1st-5th

Workshop 1
Exploration of Home: Past, Present, and Future
Rising 5th—8th graders
Location: Amory Regional Museum
Cost: $100 (includes t-shirt and materials)

Where do you feel most at HOME? Is your home in Amory? Is home someplace else? Is home when you are gathered around a grandmother's table with your crazy aunt Faye and George, your second cousin with the glass eye you can't stop looking at? Is home a place of laughter and talking? Or is home the upstairs apartment over your parents' café where the smells of baked bread and coffee drift into your room and make you feel calm? Home might be the corner of your room where you can quietly listen to music and avoid your annoying sister. Or, do you feel most at home lost in your imagination? Is it a place of fantastic rockets, factions, scientific gadgets that seem more real to you than the reality of 6th grade math homework due in fifteen minutes? This summer we will explore home—present, past, and future! We will work on developing your writing style, finding your "voice," collaborating with other writers, and celebrating your work.

June 8-12

Workshop 2
The Pen and the Playlist
Rising 8th-12th graders
Location: Oxford High School
Cost: $150 (includes t-shirt and materials)

Songs are rich with powerful narratives of place, memory, and identity interwoven with their melodies. Using the lyrics of diverse musical selections as inspiration for young writers to develop their own narratives, we will explore many different genres of writing, such as poetry, flash fiction, and memoir. Every writing opportunity in camp will be inspired by listening to one or more songs, each of which will be discussed and tied to themes, stories, characters, conflicts, and situations we will explore in our own writing. We will enjoy ample time for crafting and revising our writing in various locations in and around the school building; closely collaborate with peers and the instructor; publish a portfolio of our work; and share our writing on the last morning of class with each other and our parents.