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2016 Summer Institute for Teachers

February 27, April 9, and June 1-24, 2016

Institute Meeting Time: 8:30-3:30 pm

An Invitation

The UM Writing Project offers teachers the opportunity to develop as writers and improve their practice in the teaching of writing. The Summer Institute is based on two core principles: teachers of writing need to write themselves, and the best teachers of teachers are other teachers. Specially trained Institute leaders facilitate learning sessions that challenge teacher-participants to form a research question, discuss professional literature to devise research-based solutions, and present their findings in professional workshops. Participants use the creative strategies of engaging and cooperative learning, with an emphasis on reflective thinking and writing.

The Institute


Teachers of writing are most effective when they experience being writers themselves. In writing groups, participants have extensive time and support to write in a range of genres and for a variety of purposes. By becoming grounded in the practice of writing, teachers are better positioned to help their students use writing successfully.


The Institute is grounded in the theory that teachers are reflective practitioners who develop professionally through their own learning process. Participants will read, discuss, argue and write about current research and changes to the current education landscape, especially with an eye toward the Common Core State Standards. Through common readings, readings in self-selected areas of interest, and the contributions of guest researchers, participants broaden and deepen their knowledge base and encounter new ideas to spark and challenge their thinking.


All Institute participants present inquiry-based workshops. Through these workshops, participants get a look inside other Mississippi classrooms. The best teacher of teachers is usually another teacher who has demonstrated success in a similar situation. Participants receive ample support from UMWP coaches to prepare their workshops.

The UMWP is sponsored by the University of Mississippi and the National Writing Project.

Application Eligibility

Teachers in all subject areas from kindergarten to post-secondary level in northern Mississippi schools are eligible to apply for admission to the UMWP Institute.

Selection Process

Teachers interested in applying may download and complete the application form. After applications are screened, selected candidates will be invited to the University of Mississippi for interviews. Selection of Institute participants will be made by the Director and Co-Directors in consultation with an advisory committee of school and University personnel. Summer Institute Admission and Fellowships will be offered to the best-qualified candidates.

Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected on the basis of teaching excellence, a desire to improve their own writing, an interest in learning more about reading and writing processes and how to teach them in their own content areas, and an interest in and ability to work in year-round school staff development programs.

Benefits to Participants

UMWP Institute participants will receive: