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Advisor's Overview

» There are 2 main types of Study Abroad programs:

Short-Term Programs
Any program shorter than one semester is classified a short-term program. These programs can be as short as one week or as long as eight weeks. They are offered during Summer, Wintersession, and Spring Break.

Long-Term Programs
Any program that lasts one semester or longer is considered a long-term program. Students can choose to study abroad during Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or both.

» Short-Term Programs

There are 4 primary types of Short-Term Programs:

Faculty-Led Programs
Faculty-led programs are programs led and taught by a UM faculty member and are typically attended by a group of UM students. These programs are offered for a specific, pre-determined UM course credit. See Wintersession 2012 and the current Summer 2012 brochure.

Partner University Short-Term Programs
UM has partners around the world that host Summer Schools (or short terms in January). UM students may attend these summer schools abroad and take courses taught by the partner university’s faculty members. Talk to a Study Abroad Advisor or check our exchange partner site.

UM offers internships in places like London, Dublin, and Sydney during the summer. Students from any major on campus are eligible to participate and students can work in a variety of jobs and earn academic credit for their participation.

Language Programs
UM offers language programs abroad in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian; some of these programs are taught by UM faculty members and some are taught by faculty members at our partners abroad

» Long-Term Programs

There are 2 primary types of Long-Term Programs:

Exchange Programs
The University of Mississippi currently has exchange agreements with approximately 80 universities around the world. Through these agreements UM students can spend a semester or year abroad and students from international universities can come to Ole Miss in their places. UM students who study abroad through Exchange Programs remain enrolled as University of Mississippi students while abroad and receive UM credit. Students who study abroad on an exchange pay University of Mississippi tuition and fees for the semester they are abroad.

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs allow students to study at sites that may not be available through exchanges. Some also offer unique programs that are tailored to particular academic or career interests. UM students who study abroad through Affiliate Programs remain enrolled as University of Mississippi students while abroad and receive UM credit. They are billed through their UM Bursar accounts, though the program price is not set at the cost of UM tuition and typically costs more than an exchange program.