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Study Abroad Policies & Procedures


•  Application Process

•  Application Fee and Deposit

•  Eligibility and Acceptance

•  Release of Information

•  Disability Accomodation

•  Student Handbook

•  Orientation

•  Financial Aid and Scholarships

•  Academic Credit

•  Withdrawal Policy

» Application Process


Since admission is done on a rolling admissions basis, the Study Abroad Office strongly recommends that students apply early, as many programs will be filled to capacity prior to the above deadlines. Applying early does not guarantee acceptance. Also note that some programs have earlier application deadlines than listed above. Check the program’s web page at to determine the deadline of a particular program.

» Application Fee and Deposit


A $100 application fee is required, which will be charged to the student’s Bursar account. For students who apply to a program that is cancelled by the Study Abroad Office, the $100 application fee will be refunded or transferred to a different program. The application fee will be refunded to wait-listed students who are unable to participate due to program space limitations.

» Eligibility and Acceptance


Students must be 18 years of age or older to participate in a Study Abroad Program, regardless of parental consent.

Participants must be in good academic standing, with a GPA of at least 2.5 (or the minimum GPA as determined for the program, whichever is higher), at the time of application. Participants must also meet all prerequisites. Acceptance to all programs is based, minimally, on review of an academic transcript and all disciplinary records through the University of Mississippi Dean of Students Office.

Additional eligibility criteria may apply; see program details for additional eligibility requirements. A student may petition for acceptance if he/she does not meet the minimum requirements. Please see a Study Abroad Advisor for information about the petition process.

In order for an application to be complete, the Study Abroad Office must have the following: Study Abroad Agreement, Student Information Form, Transcript, Release of Information, Assumption of Risk Form, Course Approval Form, Academic Reference Form (if required), a copy of the student’s passport, and any additional materials required by the Study Abroad Office. The Health and Emergency Treatment Authorization is required but not due by the application deadline; however, a student can complete this form at any time. IF ANY MATERIALS ARE TURNED INTO THE STUDY ABROAD OFFICE BY THE STUDENT OR ON BEHALF OF THE STUDENT, INTENDED PARTICIPATION WILL BE ASSUMED, AND FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS WILL RESULT.

Students will be notified of acceptance status by email and an official letter from the Study Abroad Office. Contact with students will be mainly through e-mail. All e-mail communication will be sent to the student’s Ole Miss e-mail account, so students must have a current and active “” e-mail address.

Participation may be denied, or participation approval may be revoked if conduct before departure raises doubts as to the student’s suitability for program participation. Students who fail to meet the required prerequisites by the start of the program will have acceptance revoked. Students whose approval has been denied or revoked will be responsible for any fees incurred in accordance with the Withdrawal Policy.

» Release of Information


Student records and transcripts will be released to persons directly involved with the acceptance and processing of a student application. In addition, during the course of a student’s participation in a study abroad program, the Study Abroad Office may wish to pro- vide relevant information from the student’s educational records to the student’s parents, guardians, and other third parties. Depending on the circumstances, information to be released might include student account information, information about the program in which the student is enrolled, financial and billing information, housing information, or non-emergency information related to the student’s health or safety. Students can authorize that certain information be disclosed in the application agreement. Students can also refuse this disclosure pursuant to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more information on FERPA, see dex.html.

» Disability Accomodation


We encourage all students to study abroad and look forward to working with each and every student. It is important that students with a disability or specific needs disclose the information with sufficient advance notice so that we can work with our host sites to provide reasonable accommodations. Contact an advisor for information on disability services.

» Student Handbook


Students will receive a copy of The University of Mississippi Study Abroad Handbook prior to departure, generally distributed at the re- quired orientation. The handbook is also available at any time upon request. The handbook contains important information about UM Study Abroad policies and procedures, financial matters, travel arrangements, safety and health considerations, and adjustment measures. The student should read the contents carefully.

» Orientation


The Study Abroad Office requires all participants to attend designated orientation sessions prior to departure. There are at least two (2) orientation sessions: an online orientation and a program-specific orientation. The information contained in the orientation session is important to the successful and safe completion of a study abroad program. If a participant fails to attend a session, he/she is required to attend a make-up session as designated by the Study Abroad Office. Failure to attend can result in revocation of acceptance to the program.

» Financial Aid and Scholarships


Students can use Federal, State, and Institutional financial aid to help cover the cost of participating in a study abroad program in most cases. Students should consult the Office of Financial Aid to determine if their awards can apply to the chosen program. All students should review carefully the Study Abroad information on the Ole Miss Financial Aid Web Site and meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss how your aid package will apply to your study abroad program.  Students who have not yet completed the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can go to

» Academic Credit


The student must be aware of the credit offered and how that credit applies to his/her academic program. The burden is upon the student to complete a Course Approval Form and know how or if the credit will apply towards his/her degree. Please be aware that if a student is already registered for classes during the term for which he/she has applied to study abroad, the student may be dropped from those classes and registered in the appropriate study abroad course. Independent study courses will not be considered part of study abroad with respect to hours or cost.

» Withdrawal Policy


If, for any reason, a student chooses to withdraw from a program, a Study Abroad Office Withdrawal Form (available online or at the Study Abroad Office) must be completed. Verbal statements of withdrawal will not be considered as notification of withdrawal; therefore, the student will still be considered a program participant until written notification is received. Availability for refund will be based on the date that the Withdrawal Form is received by the Study Abroad Office. If acceptance is revoked for any reason, the student is responsible for fees incurred as stated below.

PRIOR TO THE APPLICATION DEADLINE – If a student withdraws from a program prior to the application deadline, he/she will be refunded all funds, less the $100 application fee and any non-recoverable costs (such as housing deposits, field trip pre-payments, etc.) incurred and/or committed on the student’s behalf by UM and its affiliates at the time of withdrawal.

AFTER THE APPLICATION DEADLINE – If a students withdraws from a program after the application deadline, he/she will be financially responsible for the $100 application fee and a $500 penalty and any non-recoverable costs (such as housing deposits, field trip pre-payments, etc.) incurred and/or committed on the student’s behalf by UM and its affiliates at the time of withdrawal.

In the event that extreme circumstances during the 30 days prior to the program’s start cause the student to withdraw, the Study Abroad Director will review the situation on a case-by-case basis. At the discretion of the director, any funds that are recoverable and uncommitted may be refunded, less the $500 penalty and $100 application fee.

Under no circumstances can any refund requests be considered for students who have completed a program. Any disputes over refunds after an official withdrawal must be directed to The University of Mississippi Refund Committee through the Office of the Bursar.