UM Students

The Division of Outreach and Continuing Education seeks to complement the mission and vision of the University through the breadth and diversity of the programs it offers the students at The University of Mississippi regardless of their campus-affiliation.

ETS Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Center
With the help of Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private educational testing and measurement organization located in Princeton, New Jersey, The University of Mississippi has installed a complete ETS Computer-Based Testing Center that allows students of any age to take ETS-developed tests on the Oxford campus rather than in Tupelo, Memphis, or Jackson

Independent Study
Independent Study is a distance learning format that allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. Courses can be taken through a paper/pencil version or online in "cyber courses." You read the materials, submit lessons, take a final exam with a proctor or at a testing center, and receive a course grade. Flexible learning at a distance. All Independent Study courses are fully accredited through the University of Mississippi and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Intensive English Program (IEP)
The English as a Second Language Program at The University of Mississippi offers a comprehensive, skills-oriented ESL curriculum designed for students intending to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in the United States. The program’s four courses are also suitable for those seeking to learn English for professional or personal reasons. The program’s high standards encourage student to achieve excellence.

Internship Programs

May Intersession

Office of Summer School
The Office of Summer School offers five sessions to meet students' needs:
May Intersession: May 16 – 28
Full Summer Session: June 1 – July 29
First Summer Session: June 1 – June 29
Second Summer Session: June 30 – July 29
August Session: August 1 – 13

Ole Miss Online
Ole Miss Online courses operate synchronously—or in step—with the University’s academic calendar and include students from a variety of places and experiences who learn together in Web-based courses. The University of Mississippi offers excellent support services: access to Web support specialists, electronic bulletin boards, e-mail accounts, library resources, and instructional guidance. We are committed to your success as a learner and that means preserving as much as possible the complete classroom experience, even though the class is delivered in a different manner.

Study Abroad
The University of Mississippi has programs as short as three weeks to as long as a full academic year, in places as extreme as Fiji and as close as Mexico. If The University of Mississippi does not have a program that fits your academic and personal needs, the Study Abroad staff can help you investigate other universities’ programs as well. The Study Abroad Office at the University of Mississippi has developed a variety of opportunities to address the diverse needs of UM students. We work with many departments, administrative offices, and other units within the University to help students earn UM credit through study abroad while continuing to make substantial progress toward their degrees.

Study USA
Travel is one of life’s most enriching experiences. Combine travel with the leadership of an inspirational University of Mississippi professor, and you have the unique experience of Study USA. Join other enthusiastic students in the study of theater on Broadway, the garment industry on Fashion Avenue, hospitality management in Las Vegas, or the effects of Hurricane Katrina on criminal justice in New Orleans. Study USA gives students the opportunity to explore the United States while earning college credit.

Teach Mississippi Institute

In partnership with NEMCC, The University of Mississippi at Booneville makes it possible for students to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Busniess Administration on the Northeast Mississippi Community College campus.

In partnership with Holmes Community College, UM-Grenada offers undergraduate and graduate-level courses in education.

In partnership with NWCC, UM-DeSoto offers undergraduate courses in accountancy, business, education, nursing, paralegal, criminal justice, social work, and liberal arts, as well as graduate courses in environmental engineering and education.

In partnership with ICC, UM-Tupelo offers undergraduate courses in accountancy, business, education, health management, paralegal, criminal justice, social work, and liberal arts, as well as graduate courses in engineering and education.


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