International Students

For admissions purposes, we consider an international applicant to be anyone who does not hold a U.S citizenship status regardless of his, her legal status or location of residence.


Students from any country who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply to Summer College for High School Students:

  • Minimum 15 years old or older (17 years old maximum) by first day of the program
  • Be in the 10th or 11th grade at school (includes public, private, parochial, or home-educated)
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA or above (based on US Grading System)
  • Have a high English proficiency supported by an English teacher or department supervisor OR language test score equivalent to 79 on the TOEFL iBT*

Students applying to take ONLY Intensive English classes are not required to meet a minimum GPA standard or to provide proof of English proficiency.

* Please visit the International Student page for other accepted Language Proficiency scores

Application Process

  1. Fill out the on-line application form on the Summer College Website and pay $50 US application fee
  2. The student will receive the application package via email.
  3. Fill out the application forms and send them back to our office, either digitally or physically:
    • Digital: Scan and send they forms in a PDF format to
    • Physical: Send us your application package to
      Division of Outreach - Pre-College Programs
      Jackson Avenue Center/ Suite J
      1111 West Jackson Avenue
      University, MS
      38677, USA
  4. Include a copy of the following additional documents:
    • Copy of passport biological page (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the session attending)
    • Copy of official high school transcript translated into English (not needed if applying to the Intensive English Program)
    • Copy of valid English proficiency score (not needed if applying to the Intensive English Program)
    • Copy of a bank statement or any other proof of financial support
    • Copy of vaccination card showing 2 MMR shots (Mumps, Measles and Rubella)


Immigration laws require all international students enrolled in credit courses that meet or exceed 18 hours of in-class work to enter the United States under an F-1 student visa. Applicants to Summer College will be full-time students taking 2 classes per session; therefore, they must attend the program under an F-1 visa. Students in Summer College are not allowed to attend the program on a tourist visa.

*If you are an international student already in the country and you hold a different type of visa, please contact us at for specific information for application.

Steps to obtain an F-1 student visa

After the UM program application is approved, the candidate will receive via regular mail the following documents:

  • I-20 form
  • Acceptance letter from the University
  • Welcome pack
  1. Review the form I-20 to make sure all the information is correct.
    Check if your name, birth date, program, and program dates are accurate. If there is a mistake, contact the International Admissions Counselor immediately at
  2. Pay the required SEVIS fee to the U.S. Government and obtain a receipt.
    This payment should be made at the SEVIS website. To obtain a I-901 form and to complete the $200 SEVIS fee to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate visit SEVP website . Receipt of this payment will be needed to schedule the visa appointment.
  3. Complete online visa application forms and set up an F-1 visa appointment with a U.S. Embassy or Consulate
    To find an Embassy or Consulate in your home country visit
  4. Present the following documents at your visa appointment:
    1. I-20 SEVIS fee receipt
    2. Acceptance letter
    3. Proof of funding
    4. Valid passport (with an expiration date minimum of 6 months after the end date of the program)
    5. Copy of your latest English proficiency score if you have one (not needed if applying to the Intensive English Program)

Canadian Citizens are not required to obtain an F-1 student visa to enter the United States; however, you will need to pay your SEVIS fee and, present the receipt and I-20 at the U.S – Canada land border or airport of entry to the country and make sure you are admitted as an F-1 student.

Important note: Obtaining a visa can take a long time. We strongly suggest starting the process as soon as the UM documents are received.

If you have questions regarding visas and/or visa application, please contact the SCHS International Admissions Counselor at or call 1+662-915-7621

Medical Information

The University requires all international students to be enrolled in a health insurance plan as a condition of enrollment and maintenance of visa status. All international students attending Summer College will be enrolled in the health insurance program made available through Summer College and participation is mandatory.

Most insurance companies in the US only cover a certain percentage of primary care attention and most injury and illness treatment. It also covers a certain percentage of some diagnostic tests. It is the student’s responsibility to pay the remaining balance after insurance coverage before leaving the program. Because of the high cost of medical care in the United States, we strongly recommend that all international students get an international insurance coverage for major medical emergencies.

Exemptions may be considered on a one-on-one basis.

Required Immunizations for International Students

Before enrollment, some immunizations and tests are required in order to meet Mississippi State Department of Health and Institutions of Higher Learning guidelines.

Any international student entering the University of Mississippi, whose birthday is after January 1, 1975, is required by law to show proof of the following immunizations:

  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella

These immunizations are typically administered in the form of a single vaccine (MMR) given in two doses. The first dose must have been given AFTER the first birthday. Immunizations taken prior to the first 12 months of birth will not count towards the required doses.
The student must show proof of vaccinations OR provide official lab results showing serologic confirmation of immunity, OR provide medical records of having had these diseases. Students who fail to provide the required documentation to prove immunity from Measles, Mumps and/or Rubella will be required to take one or more doses of the MMR vaccine upon arrival.

The cost of one dose of the MMR vaccine is US$20 for students under the age of 18, and US$100 for students over the age of 18.

Medical Exemptions: Exemptions for the required MMR doses will be accepted only on medical grounds with a written statement from the family doctor explaining the conditions that do not allow the student to take this vaccination. If there is a temporary restriction, the doctor should also establish when the student can receive the shot.

TB Skin Testing: It is also a requirement for students to get a blood (Interferon gamma release assay) and a chest X-ray upon arrival. These two tests are given at the Student Health Center on campus during a single visit. The cost of these tests are already included in the cost of the program.

Please note: The student will be unable to enroll in any class if the MMR immunizations and the TB tests are not completed. If any MMR immunization is missing, we strongly encourage students to get the needed doses before coming to the program.

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