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Frequently Asked Questions

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About SCHS

What sets our program apart is the experience we offer. Every effort has been made to provide a true college experience on our campus. We award academic credit for university classes taught by university faculty in which you enroll. This academic credit appears on your college transcript and is accepted by most U.S. universities. All of this is offered at a price that is unmatched by other residential programs offering the same advantages.

The experience will teach you a lot about what it’s like to live on the Ole Miss campus, take Ole Miss courses under Ole Miss professors, and balance independence and obligation. You will also have opportunities to meet with representatives from the Admissions and Financial Aid offices in which you may learn things that would better position you for admission to Ole Miss or financial aid and scholarships. You can interact with faculty in your area of interest and others interested in coming to Ole Miss. Finally, you will learn, too, what it is like to live with a roommate, wash your own clothes, manage your money, and get yourself to class on time. All in all, a very valuable experience.


Each session is four weeks.

No, you may attend the first or the second or both. It’s up to you.

They can. Just remember that once the session fills up, the application process closes. To guarantee your spot, apply early.


Each student is required to take two courses per session. If you attend both sessions, you would take four classes and earn 12 to 14 hours of academic credit, depending on the classes in which you enrolled. Students may not take more than two courses per session.

You can learn more about the different course options and sessions under the Programs and Classes section

Classes can start at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 12 p.m., or 2 p.m.

At the end of the term, your professors will give you an A, B, C, D, or F just as they would give an Ole Miss student. These grades will also go on your college transcript just as they would for an Ole Miss student.

Yes. Because the classes in which Summer College students enroll are the same courses as those taken by Ole Miss students.

Each class successfully completed in Summer College is a standard university class earning 3-4 credit hours transferable to most community colleges and universities in the U.S.

Classes that do not count towards college credit are band, physical education, yearbook, etc. To see a list of CPC credit courses, click here.


Note:  Before we can process your application, the $50 application fee must be paid.

To learn more about the application process or to apply online, please see the Apply Now section of the SCHS website.

Minimum completion period: A student may not complete a course in less than four weeks for a half unit course and six weeks for a full unit course from the date the first written work is received at the University of Mississippi High School without advance permission from the administration. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to complete a half unit course in less than three weeks (21 days) from the date the first course assignment is received in our office.

The acceptance rate is high as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and you do not wait too late to apply. Sessions and programs can fill quickly.

There is no obligation to attend if you are accepted into the program. However, after you are admitted, you will be sent a cost estimate sheet and asked to pay a $100 registration fee. Once you pay that, you can still cancel, but the $100 registration fee is non-refundable.

Each of the two sessions can accept up to 200 students per session.

Fifty percent of those accepted are Mississippians. The remaining percentage is made up of out-of-state and international students.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, which means ‘as they arrive in our office.’ Students are also notified by email and US mail on a rolling basis beginning March 15th.

Costs and Financial Aid

For questions about cost, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities, please see the Costs section of the SCHS website.

There is no out of state tuition for Summer College.

You can pay any time after the application is submitted; however your spot will not be held until the registration fee is received in our office.

The UM Bursar Office no longer sends account statements via U.S. mail. Students must check their UM email and my.olemiss.edu account regularly for account updates. Not checking these systems are not an excuse for not paying your Bursar bill.

In most cases, this is because your financial aid has not been posted to your account although it has been uploaded in the system. There is a delay for your financial aid to post. Once our office is notified that all aid has been dispersed, our office will meet students during afternoon announcements and community time (usually Week 3) to instruct students on how to accept their award. It is the responsibility of the student to let our office staff know if they believe there is an issue with their account.

You can pay your Bursar bill online on my.olemiss.edu. You can also call the UM Bursar Office at 1 800-891-4596. Please have your student ID# ready. The Office of Pre-College Programs cannot take your Bursar bill payment.


Yes. Summer College participants are required to stay in the on-campus residence hall designated for Summer College participants.  

Each room comes with two XL twin beds, two chairs, chest of drawers and desks, its own bathroom and a small refrigerator. See the housing section for a room’s blueprint. Each floor is equipped with a small kitchen with a microwave oven and a TV room.

No. Just as in college, you are not given the choice as to who to room with. We do not honor roommate requests.

Only two people will be assigned to a room.

You can go home as long as we receive permission from your parents 24 hours prior to leaving campus. The online Leave Request Form is on the Summer College website.

General Questions

There is a national ACT testing date in the month of June. If it is being given on campus or in an area high school, we will be happy to let students participate in the exam. Our office asks that you select Oxford, MS or Pontotoc, MS ACT testing locations. We will provide shuttles to either location.

Summer College hosts a variety of activities in the afternoon and on weekends. You can also use on campus facilities, such as the recreation center, the library, etc.; however, you must remain on campus and return to the residence hall by 9:30 p.m.

If you drive yourself here, you will be asked to turn your keys into your counselor for the duration of the program. The campus is walkable and transportation is provided as needed to students during Summer College sessions. Your car can only be used to drive to and from your home at the beginning/end of the program or on weekends when you have requested leave through our leave form. If you are keeping your car on campus, you will also need to arrange for a parking pass which you can apply for online here.

We strongly discourage requests to leave campus during a weekday due to the amount of activities we host. If necessary, your parent must complete a leave request on your behalf. Unless an emergency, students may only check out between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM and return to the dorm by 9:30 PM.

On weekends, students may check out at designated times with parent's completion of the leave request form. We strongly discourage leaving campus on the first and last weekends of the session for the purpose of getting adjusted and preparing for final exams.

No. One student's parental consent does not apply to another student. Both students must have parental consent before checking out to leave campus.

Absolutely not. This practice is no longer allowed due to prior abuse of this system. In addition, a leave request is subject to approval by the program director based on the reason provided.

We do not allow any visitors in the residence halls, but visitors are allowed on campus in public areas or common areas in the residence hall (i.e. main lobby).

You could go home as long as we received permission from your parents prior to your leaving campus. You would also need to complete the online Leave Request Form.

In addition, you would be responsible for making arrangements with your professor related to any missed classes or assignments. Professors are not required to allow students excused absences or the option to make up missed assignments.

Yes, there are several churches of all denominations in the area that welcome our students into their church families. The Summer College staff will provide transportation to and from nearby churches for interested students.

Planned activities vary from recreational activities to information sessions about different programs in which you may become involved as an undergraduate student at Ole Miss.