Cost Estimate

Program costs are estimates and may not reflect actual costs. (Prices based on Summer 2017 pricing)

Application Fee $50 $100
Registration Fee $100 $0
Housing $500 $500
Meal Plan $500 $500
SCHS Program Fee $1500 $1335
International Medical Insurance   $265
Total Base Price $2650 $2700
Secondary Costs    
Books (Estimated) $200 $200
Weekend Meals (Estimated) $200 $200
*Class Fees (Estimated) $200 $200
Total with Additional Expenses $3250 $3250
**Optional Three-Day Weekend Trip $300 $300

*Most classes and programs have additional fees, including but not limited to Health Professions, Engineering, and Computer Science.
**The Optional Three-Day Weekend Trip requires a minimum of 23 students.

Application and Registration Fees

U.S. Citizens

Summer College applicants must pay a non-refundable $50 US application fee.

Once admitted, students pay a $100 US registration fee to reserve their spot in the program. The remaining costs, including the program fee, housing, and the required meal plan, are not due until after the student arrives on campus. Secondary costs include books, supplies, course fees (if applicable), and any charges incurred at the Student Health Center while in the program. Students will need money for weekend meals and miscellaneous costs while living on campus (laundry, snacks, etc.). Admitted students will be sent a cost estimate sheet with their acceptance package.

International Students

International applicants must pay a $100 US non-refundable application fee. $50 US is due upon submitting the online application and the remaining $50 US upon confirmation of eligibility. Once the total application fee is paid, the student will be sent the necessary immigration documentation to apply for a student visa. The remaining program fee is due three weeks prior to arrival.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • VISA or MasterCard credit/debit cards
    • Paid online at time of application
    • By phone at +1 662-915-7621
  • Check or Money Order made payable to The University of Mississippi and mailed to:
    • Pre-College Programs - Summer College
    • Division of Outreach
    • P.O. Box 1848
    • University, MS 38677-1848

Additional Fees

Most courses require additional course fees, such as classes with a laboratory or an online component (e.g. Health Professions, Engineering classes, etc.). These fees are not covered by financial aid or any scholarship provided. Fees range from $50 to $200 US per course and it is the student's responsibility to cover these fees.


Family finances should not prevent a qualified student from applying to Summer College. Financial aid may be available for the primary costs listed above. No financial aid will be available for the secondary costs. Every student must pay the Summer College registration fee after acceptance. Financial aid or scholarships are not stackable, if multiple awards are available, the larger award will be applied toward the program costs.

There are three types of financial aid available to Summer College participants: ACT/SAT scholarships, first generation scholars aid, and need-based aid. Need-based financial aid is based on the parent/guardian income tax return as well as the student's achievements. Students interested in need-based and first generation scholars aid should complete the financial aid form and return required documents (latest tax return and personal statement) after applying for admission.

ACT/SAT Scholarship
ACT/SAT scholarships are awarded based on standardized test scores (see chart below). Students must take the ACT or SAT and have their scores on their high school transcripts (or send a copy of their official score report to our office) in order to receive an ACT/SAT scholarship. Students eligible for an ACT/SAT scholarship are not required to complete the financial aid application unless seeking additional need-based aid.

ACT Scores SAT Scores* Scholarship Award
33-36 1490-1600 $2,000 off program costs
30-32 1390-1480 $1,500 off program costs
27-29 1280-1380 $1,000 off program costs

*Only Math and Verbal sections will be considered for scholarships on the SAT.

Note: Official scores must be received before the first day of the program in order to receive an ACT/SAT scholarship.

First-Generation Scholarship

Limited funding is available for first-generation students from the Mississippi Delta. This fund is reserved to help students who are the first in their family to attend a college or university. Students interested in first generation scholars aid should complete the financial aid form after applying for admission. This funding is highly competitive.

Need-Based Opportunities

Limited funding is available for families who may be financially unable to afford the costs associated with Summer College. Students interested in need-based aid should complete the financial aid form after applying for admission.

Academic Competition Scholarships

The University of Mississippi offers a variety of academic competitions run by the Office of Pre-College Programs during the Fall and Spring semesters. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in qualifying competitions receive scholarships to Summer College and other summer programs offered by the Office of Pre-College Programs.

Redemption. To redeem a competition scholarship, students should email or mail the Competition Scholarship Application form to the Office of Pre-College Programs.