About The Program:

The New York Internship Experience–a combination of work and study–places University of Mississippi undergraduates and graduate students in the Big Apple for a summer term. Students select internships according to their areas of interest, such as government, the media, or a national institution in a variety of fields, federal agencies, and private industries. International relations, journalism, law, engineering, public relations, business, the arts, political science, pharmacy, accountancy, and criminal justice are among the many specialties that students can pursue.

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The New York Internship Experience

  • emphasizes the practical aspects of learning and knowledge by increasing opportunities for internships in business, social services, government, and other ‘real life’ laboratories.
  • provides a unique off-campus experience for each student that contributes to the insight and understanding needed for leadership in the new global environment.
  • offers an affordable opportunity for students who would otherwise have few options.
  • provides UM support. A University of Mississippi assistant professor serves as the instructor for the live mandatory course and the director of internships.
  • Is open to students in all majors and disciplines.
  • Allows students to earn up to 9 hours during the summer.
  • arranges for secure housing at the St. George Residence just one subway stop from lower Manhattan. Students will enjoy fully-furnished rooms with internet access, cable TV and gym facilities.